The Applegirl doesn’t want to be known as just the Applegirl any longer! Korean artist Kim Yeo Hee released her debut single My Music a little while back and stunned fans with her powerful song and voice. In a recent interview with MAXIM, she discussed her feelings about the Applegirl nickname.

After having said that she would definitely want to become the spokesperson for the new iPhone 4, she quickly added that she doesn’t want to be be known as just the Applegirl any longer. Kim expressed that she wants to captivate her audiences and be known for her singing skills and not just for the iPhone music magic that made her famous.

She recently performed “My Music” on Inkigayo. You can check it out below:

*sigh* Yet another incredibly talented artist going under the radar… What ever happened to true musical artists being popular?

What do you think of Kim Yeo Hee?

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