Hardcore SHINee fans all know that leader Onew is the most clumsiest member in the group (if not in the entire Kpop world) ever. As if that’s not bad enough, he is making headlines lately for his repetitive ‘comeback falls’.

If you watch the official ‘Lucifer’ comeback clips of SHINee’s SBS Inkigayo July 25th on YouTube, you wouldn’t see mistakes. That’s because these aren’t live performances. The ones you’re watching is actually pre-recorded versions therefore they only take in the no-mistake scenes. The real live performances are just fan-service.

So, while fan-servicing on Inkigayo that day, Onew accidentally tripped and fall the most hilarious way possible:

Talk about clumsy. The reason why he got the reputation of making comeback falls is because last year during ‘Ring Ding Dong’ comeback, Onew also fell while fan-servicing: