Today’s video of the day, courtesy of Sunxiahine, shows Jung June-Ha taking the challenge of dining on a not the most ideal spot to do so. To be specific eating jajangmyun (black bean noodles) while riding a rollercoaster! Note the flying noodles and the chopsticks taped on his fingers, check how this hilarious challenge will turn out below!

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Thanks for sharing Sunxiahine!

omg i laughed so hard XD but the whole time i was worried if he would choke on the food

This has to be one of the funniest videos I’ve watched (would have been funnier if the noddle landed on someone in the cart behind XD). But isn’t sticking chopsticks (or any other thing for that matter) in your mouth while riding on a rollercoaster dangerous?

Wow! haha thanks for sharing.

Pwahahaa wth flying noodles indeed XDDD Isn’t kinda dangerous though ^^; It’ll be so funny if it lands on a passerby’s face hahaaa I was wondering why the chopsticks didn’t fall off O__O So it was tape after all ^^ so funny ~! Thanx for sharing ~~ !

Haha. Thanks for sharing!

Too brave >.< Thanks for sharing Asia smile

lol.. hilarious

wow. i wanna try it! LOL just kiddin.

ahahah that’s hilarious =)) thanks for sharing Asia! :D

hahaha I remember watching this one time!!! so funny!
thanks for sharing, Asia! ^^

HAHA. very funny XD thanks for sharing!

good thing he didn’t barf...well the one sitting beside him looked like he was about to barf XD
both of them looked really worn out after the ride LOL
okay, note to self: never eat noodles while riding a rollercoaster!

thanks sunxiahine for this!

ahaha. woo!
thanks for sharing!

LOL , very funny
thanks for sharing Sunxiahine ^^

bahahahahha omg that was good~~ they are crazy their faces were epic haha flying noodles xD
thanks for sharing~~~

thanks for sharing

haha,very funny xD
thanks for sharing ^^

It was so funny when the jajangmyun flew out of the bowl!
LOL i also wonder if the jajangmyun actually hit someone behind them XD
The guy looks wasted lol.. at the end of the ride XD

Thanks for sharing :L!

thanks for sharing Sunxiahine!
It’s hilarious!

LOL, thanks for sharing :D

LMAO Sunxiahine! Thanks for sharing xD
Really made my night! ^^

I would not want to sit behind him for this LOL

uhh what if he throws it back up o.o
i hope he’s not sitting in the front lol
thanks for sharing sunxiahine!

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