New girl groups these days normally don’t receive as much attention unless they’re from big companies. However, rookie group Free Star caught my eyes because they resemble a popular girl group that we all know: After School.

Okay, so we all know that ’sexy and fierce’ sell like hotcakes these days in the Kpop industry. But looking back, one of the few girl groups that kept their ’sexy and fierce’ image from the very start is After School. Since that image has become popular, Free Star also follows the trend.

If you look at their album cover, the whole short shorts, high-knee socks and baseball cap deal has been coined by After School since their ‘Diva’ days. Now I’m not trying to say they’re copying After School style…completely, but even the hair style looks familiar and the middle top girl even looks like JooYeon!

For their debut song ‘Diss’, don’t you find a similar hip-hop/pop vibe? Either way, at least that’s my opinion on this new group. Of course we can’t judge them fully now, but what do you guys think?

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interesting XD

ANOTHER group -.- can Korea seriously chill with the debuts for a little bit? at least a year or something?
anyway eeh the songs....ok I guess but their voices dont really seem to mix well together. At least to me.

I love how hilariously ironic it is that people who support 4minute aren’t “feeling” this group, because from this one song....the two are pretty much the same, rofl.

both rely heavily on well-produced synthesized electronic beats. both make extensive use of autotune, cause their vocals as a whole are otherwise awful. (as much as 2Yoon are the saving grace of 4Minute, from a big picture point of view, they...aren’t that great) and both have songs with pretty shoddy choruses. I mean, how could anyone not see the similarities? heck, free star even has a “rapper” with an annoying-as-hell voice to boot! (i.e. their hyuna) if that isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

i dont like one of girls not feeling them either

Erm not really feeling them right now.

another group..... O___O wow.. not sure if I like their song… >__<

I like their outfits too ^^
But there has been alot of groups recently

hmmm. i like the song and their outfits too.

@icalao: T.A.M.A (RIGHT)

Another one? I don’t really mind a new group.. but please be more creative with their theme? Goodness >.>

The song is electronic. I love it!!!

The song sounds nice! There are so many new bands these days.. LOL.

The song is alright..
The girls are pretty =D

Their outfits are original..

the song is so-so for me :l But i think these girls are talented though ^^

i like there outfit ^^

lols! another one! so many girl gorpus

not sure if im feeling em just yet, but i’ll give them a chance until i hear a live perf.

wait so what company are they from? o.o

Yeah- they seem very similar to After School- I’ll give them a chance. I like the song ^^

Honestly I don’t think they stand out amidst all the groups debuting right now. o_o Just another group with another eh song.

They really do remind me of After School^.^

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