As summer 2010 is slowly coming to an end, the four popular Kpop idol groups - 4Minute, KARA, Big Bang and SNSD - are ready to hit the Japanese music scene by storm.

First, 4Minute released their new single ‘I My Me Mine’ on July 28th. The girls have traveled to Japan on July 27th. Their success has been measured back in May, when their debut Japanese single ‘Muzik’ went up to the TOP 20 of Oricon Chart.

Next, KARA will be having their official Japanese debut on August 11th with the debut MV ‘Mister’ released on July 28th. They have flown to Japan on the same day to prepare for promotional activities for the song, which is already moving up fast on Oricon Charts.

Continuing their smashing success in Japan is Big Bang, who will be releasing a new single ‘Beautiful Hangover’ on August 25th. Standing right after DBSK, Big Bang is said to be the next Korean newcomer singers to look out in Japan. They did an open concert on July 26th with the overwhelming attendance of 8,000 fans.

Last but not least, girl group SNSD will be debuting in Japan with a showcase in late August. Following that event, they will be releasing a debut single in September. Not surprisingly, their debut has garnered much interest.

We are seeing more and more Kpop artists entering the Japanese music scene, but will they make it? An entertainment management company representative said, “Regarding who will do better, it is not important. It is important for the Korean idols to throw away the competitiveness. Because currently in the Japanese music market, it is not about just liking one team but liking Kpop as a whole. It is not about just liking SNSD or just KARA, but rather ‘liking SNSD, KARA and 4Minute’.”


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Good luck to all the groups!!!

whoa good luck to them. Feel kind of bad for SK tho. They’re losing their artists...temporarily.

All the best to all the bands!! smile

Go Kara and 4Minute!!! Of course Big Bang will do well! I really can’t wait to see the results of all of them!

I’m excited, goodluck to them!!

YAY snsd can wait 4 it!!!!

i hope they’ll make it! smile

I think Big Bang will do the best in Japan as they are more familiar with it^^ SNSD might does well as well, maybe they’ll score a hit on the Oricon chart?^^ Let’s hope so~

Goodluck to all of the groups!!

wow big bang too?.... HAM is also entering the Jpop scene. excited for all… but they didn’t do any new songs.. just translate them :l so nothing that new :l

but big bang’s is new! :] yay. will look forward to that. as of 4minute, Korean and Japan’s promotions for the same song has only a little gap so it’s fine. still fresh smile

I am most excited about SNSD’s debut to be honest… hehe
GENIE~~~~~~ ^^
but good luck to all!!!

I agree with the last line-- It’s about liking Kpop as a whole. Anyways, I hope for their success in their promotions in Japan. Japan sure has a lot of Jpop artists. The music industry there is so competitive. Good luck to these Kpop groups! =D

@LISARRHH - yeah! sure thing! haha SNSD hwaiting! xD

imo snsd will conquer all
but thats coz im a sone :DD

Good luck to all of them!
It’s going to be a bit tame in Kpop without some of the biggest groups, but I wish them luck in japan

Haha yea it’s winter in the southern hemisphere >_<
Man Japan is so popular, they should come to Australia like karen said XD
Hope they do well there though =P

jinja!? wow! good to hear! goodluck to all of them especially big bang! proud to be an V.I.P! smile)

Its not summer here.. its winter.. but anyways, GOOD LUCK!
hope you can go to australia on your way .. KEKE raspberry

All the biggest names in KPop going to Japan! Fighting! Hope they could go the Philippines too! ^_^

Goodluck to them!!!!!!

Cool. Good luck to them in their promotions! smile

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