Online fanatics are already obsessive in my book, but those residing in South Korea have the opportunity to take their obsession a few steps further. Check out what it’s like as a hardcore DBSK stalker.

DBSK fans in South Korea probably have more connections and know-how of the group than the paparazzi! On an episode of KBS Joy, appropriately titled ‘Illegal TVXQ fan,’ a reporter followed a couple fans of one of the most popular Asian boy bands to ever live, to see just how they go about their days as die-hard fans.

The manner in which these girls operate is disturbing in and of itself, but watch here to decide for yourself:

Just to vaguely sum up what is actually going on — at the beginning, the ’stalkers’ are discussing Yoochun and his mood swings. He’s an angel one day and a devil another. Then they receive a text about Yunho’s whereabouts. They drive off, pass Yoochun’s house and point out his family’s cars in the parking lot. Then things get creepy(ier). The girls are informed that Yoochun is gone, so they decide to ’stalk’ Jaejoong. Apparently taxis allow their services to stalkers (stalker-taxis?). Then the stalkers are informed that Jaejoong is chillaxing with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong so they ditch that idea and move on to Yunho, who they succeed at finding after news reached them that he was at a cafe.

And that’s how stalking is done, ladies and gentlemen. Yikes.


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well ka damn...leave them alone. shoot, stalking to dat EXTREME must really take up most tha day u should be living. get a life nd try not to upset tha balance of theirs

that is too creepy
who is this anonymous texter telling them all these things
and aww chillaxing with kim hyun joong i want to see that xD

Kinda creepy, such hardcore stalker fans. :O

omg 0-0 seriously whats the point of stalking them? dont they have lives?

OMG...there fans are so HARDCORE!! >_< LOL...stalker-taxis....I guess these taxis let them stalk people...they are making money out of these fans!

hahahaa when they finally saw Yunho it’s fireworks and everything ^^

wowow haha hardcore fans…
stalker-taxis? haha.

I would like to be a stalker just for 1 day!

wow.... 0_0 that’s REALLY creepy. However, I must admit that if I had the chance to do that I would xD not regularly but just one or twice for fun xD

lol these ones are pretty hardcore huh
to me that will probably lead to nothing or something bad.
fans are kinda scary when they reach the point of stalking…
but I don’t know how it feels to like someone that bad to the point of stalking so I can’t say anything


it’s a bit too much.:/

Hm.. That is problematic… I feel soo sad now… Why do they do it? Ç_Ç"” Is it really necessary? Aish… weird…

That’s really creepy, who gives them all those information .____.
Hehe, those cabs will follow anything you want them to follow, the only restriction is that you pay the riding fee ><

Wow they’re really passionate about DBSK…
So scary… :o

weee. OVER!! very disturbing indeed!

3 words… oh. dear. me. o0

Wow, they seem so organised.

My Spanish teacher used to stalk Menudo… Lol. She and a group of friends found out the hotel they were staying at beforehand and booked the same hotel. After the concert, they were escorted through the crowd outside to their rooms. There was also mentions of taping doors, opportune elevator rides and autograph signings. She also got to kiss one member. LOL.


woah stalking...I’m a fan but I wouldn’t go stalking them..that’s just creepy.

Woaahh, some people can be soooo scary >.<

Yeah I’m obsessed with DBSK… but I won’t do those kind of creepy things ><
It’s not right to ruin the privacy of a person!!

Thanks for sharing!

whooa thats just extreme!

wow that’s definitely creepy..
Personally I wouldn’t be bother doing things like this XD..
Too much trouble.. just to see a celeb..

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