They say that music speaks volumes, right? Well, it certainly does for twenty-three year old China’s Got Talent contestant Zhu Jie. Zhu Jie isn’t your typical twenty-three year old, though. Keep reading to get the scoop!

If you were to see Zhu Jie on the street, you might think that she’s a ten year old girl! That’s because she suffers from a type of proportionate dwarfism. This means that Zhu Jie is essentially “normal,” aside from the fact that everything is just smaller.

On July 25th, Zhu Jie appeared on China’s Got Talent to perform with the support of her boyfriend, who is also a dwarf. Even with the judges doubting her actual age, she blew them away when she sang her rendition of “Firefly” by Annie Yi. Making it clear that she wants to be known for her singing abilities and not for her condition, Zhu Jie was able to pass to the next round of auditions! Check out the heartwarming video below:

I’m not even going to lie… I got glassy-eyed while watching that. 加油!

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ahhhh this is so nice i love it shes so good ganbatte

:< Made I got teary eyed...This was a very beautiful performance!! I’m wishing the best of luck to her and her boyfriend. smile

xwendii - 07/31/10 9:05 pm

If anyone wants to see it, there’s an eng subbed version in the related section.

For those of you that don’t speak Mandarin, here’s an English subbed version!!

aw. she’s cute and her bf too.

Her boyfriend is sweet…
Hope that she’ll do well in the future.. smile

When she was singing I was thinking that song suits her soo well.. And then she said so later .. XD It’s almost like the song is made for HER. And her boyfriend awwww. I got goosebumps when they hugged! Aww, so sweet :D

omg so emotional too cute xD
wish them the best and greatest happiness
when she sang i had that goosebump feeling its so good xD

Aww. The two look so cute together! And her singing is just adorable! smile

waaah I got glassy eyed too. A little shaky but with more practice she’ll get better. So happy she made it to the next round. ^^

Sweeeeeeeeet. :">

Ohmehgosh- this was sooooo sweet! 加油! 加油! 加油! smile

朱洁, 加油! 你可以得到第一名的!

OOOOMGG!! THAT’S SOOO CUTE!! (T_T) *happy tears* may they both be happy!!

dwarf girl?mmm i wonder why smile) but that girl is so cute.  such an adorable face

If anyone wants to see it, there’s an eng subbed version in the related section.

thats so cute!! :D

I legitly cried watching this video. She’s so adorable. 让黑暗的世界充满希望...<3

OHMYGOD. I cried even harder when her boyfriend hugged her, this is seriously the sweetest video I’ve watched in a looong time.

Again, 朱洁加油! 我也认为你会永远的幸福的.

OMG.. hard to believe that she is 23 years old.. awww she talks like a cute young!!!

the couple is cute ><
and she’s sp good *_*
wish her the best~

I so admire Zhu Jie. I seriously got goosebumps when she sang, and omg - this was the first time in a very long period I cried again from a video. My eyes got all water-y when she sang, and the story she told, just made the tears drop. What her boyfriend said to her was just too sweet for words <3
If I would be in the audience, I would be giving a standing ovation as well smile

I just came upstairs from watching some contestants at the LA round of Super Boy on my Chinese channel, but this girl totally blows them out of the water. Although she doesn’t have power vocals like many others who move on in the competition, she has an amazing back-story and her fighting spirit is very inspiring.

even her voice sounds like a 10yr old
waitt… im really doubting her age,,,
her and her bf is SOOO cute! yet.. if i stumble across them,… i wouldnt even know to say “its cute to see young couples… or shall i say old?

wow...she only 24 years cute!!
she has a nice voice~

Wow she is definitely talented!
I hope she wins the competition =D
Looks small, but has a amazing voice XD

Wow....she has a great she is only 23 years old!

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