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Singer Son Dambi recently made her comeback with the mini-album ‘The Queen’ after one year. Now the sexy artist is making headlines again after revealing her ideal man. More »

Leehom Wang recently revealed a new song on his Facebook page. The minute-long preview is of a song called “你不知道的事 [The Things You Don't Know].” It is set to be the theme song for his upcoming directorial debut film Love In Disguise. Keep reading to listen to it! More »

Today’s picture of the day courtesy of user lil_bluey_bear, features a comic starring Megan Fox stalking 2PM’s own Junho! We all know Junho’s a major Rain look-alike, but Megan - this isn’t Rain! More »

SHINee recently made their comeback with their latest hit ‘Lucifer’ and a brand new image. You would think these guys can pull off anything…but let’s see if you can say the same to their passport ID photos. More »

Congratulations to our previous Caption This winner mattaay who submitted, “Stage face; Yuri. Pre-stage face; Sooyoung. Pre-pre-stage face; Yoona.” Playing Caption This is easy: Submit your own caption of the featured photo in the comments below. The creator of the caption we like the most earns 100 EXP points. More »

Super Junior and Miss A both made an appearance on the July 24th episode of KBS 2 ‘YooHeeYeol’s Sketchbook’, where the guys melt fan girls’ hearts with ballads while the girls get fan boys excited with a special Lady Gaga performance. More »

It hasn’t been over a week yet since YG Entertainment’s Se7en dropped his brand new album ‘Digital Bounce‘ and it comes to no surprise that it’s already climbing the charts. Even on iTunes! More »

Update no. 4 of the 2PM vs. DBSK Kpop Battle! The Hottests are still keeping it hot in the lead but it seems like the Cassies are picking up some steam with the score now 6-3. Read on for a more detailed score report: More »

- Heads up Final Fantasy fans! All 18 classes of Final Fantasy XIV’s classes have been revealed!

- Say hello to the Antenn-Aid, a gadget that could possibly be the solution to the iPhone 4’s antenna problems!

- Speaking of antennas, HTCYou performs the Death Grip Antenna test on the HTC Magic.

- Even at 13, T-ara’s Jiyeon had high aspirations to become a celebrity.

- AKB48’s new album cover is looking a lot racier than usual!

- GirlyBubble reviews what could possibly be the cutest, kawaii-est YesStyle shirts, ever.

- Fight dry, wrinkly hands with FlauntMe’s 5 tips for softer hands.

- Can’t keep all the NFL signings straight? BlitzNation highlights all the key contract signings.

- Miss True Blood this week? Don’t worry. I recapped it for you.

- It’s Friday and therefore bad pick-up lines time! More »

With the big success of the first Ningin Captains match, naturally we’re going to do more. Today I bring you round two. I’m looking to make this one a little big bigger. 7 Ningin Captains instead of 5 with each team size increasing to 13 from 9. Again we first select the Captains, then the Captains select their own team members and one flash game. Winners get Reward Points and everyone gets EXP. Read on for more details. More »

Earlier this week, Arnold gave you guys a sneak peek at 2NE1’s photo shoot for the August edition of Vogue Girl magazine. Well, I’m here to give you guys a look at some more hot shots of the girls and a behind-the-scenes look at this sexy shoot! Keep reading for the goodies! More »

Congratulations to amel34 for correctly answering the previous Trivia question, “What movie did We Got Married’s Jo Kwon and Ga-in go see after their date at the arcade?” with Hachiko. Playing Trivia is simple: Be the first person to answer the trivia question correctly and win 100 EXP points! Today’s trivia question is courtesy of me: More »

It’s been an extensive comeback for SHINee, from teaser pictures to MV previews and a delayed comeback stage, but don’t fret! SHINee’s back on stage, better than ever! Well, except Minho. More »

iDish is an app that lets you use your iPad as a plate — You better believe it. If you’re hungry but all of your dishes are dirty or if by some freak accident you broke them all (or if you just want to try something wacky), then you should get the iDish app. This app provides you with various dishes that you can put your food on. Since it’s a Japanese app, the dishes available are made for, well, Japanese food like sushi or curry (though you can probably improvise with the dishes). More »

JYP Entertainment girl group miss A recently took the number one spot on M! Countdown, but it looks like the happiness isn’t going to last very long, because the win is causing a little bit of controversy amongst Korean fans. Keep reading to find out what happened! More »

This week, Jay Park’s Jaywalkers threw a royal fit when they found out Jay Park’s album was not included in Music Bank’s K-chart. Fortunately, Sidus HQ stepped in with an explanation. More »

We all know that Wonder Girls member Soheeis really not that great at singing. Even the most dedicated fans sometime question why she’s in the group. Well, something that she actually is quite good at is modeling! More »

Congratulations to user 1206mhkim who correctly guessed the previous Anime Photo Shuffle game with Teru Mikami from Death Note. Here’s the original image: More »

From Girlybubble: I received these two shirts courtesy of YesStyle, and I must say I am really pleased with both of them! I had some concerns about how I might fit into clothes from an Asian Fashion website because of sizing, but I had no problems and the shirts are made well. More »

Update no. 3 of the 2PM vs. DBSK Kpop Battle! The Hottests are still keeping it hot in the lead 8-1 over the Cassies. Read on for a more detailed score report: More »

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