Whether it changes your opinion or not, I think it’s pretty safe to say that people generally want to know if a celebrity has gotten plastic surgery. Well, it looks likes After School’s Nana is now under the eye of the public as some older pictures of her have been revealed, showing a very different looking Nana.

Allegedly taken during her junior high school days, the Nana in the pictures on the right are barely recognizable. One of the most notable differences that fans have pointed out is that her jawline has changed quite a bit. While there are some that say that the change is due to “weight loss,” many are beginning to infer that Nana may have gotten her jaw shaven, giving her the more slender jawline that she has today.

I personally think that she got her jawline shaved. Yes, losing weight can cause your face shape to change a bit, but I don’t think it would ever cause something that dramatic. Your skull shape is going to stay the same, no matter how much weight you lose. The only way to get this type of result, in my opinion, is by going under the knife.

Either way, I really don’t care. It’s just nice bit of information to know. Celebrities should be able to get surgery if they want and not have to keep it all a secret. Nana is a pretty nondescript member of After School anyway…

Do you think she got plastic surgery?

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From the looks of things yea but plastic surgery is normal in the entertainment world.

Really doesn’t matter...it could be due to maturity and getting older and losing weight.  Does not mean she actually did her jawline.  She may have just shed her baby-phat. :o)

shaved jaw O.o
well shes still pretty
and theres so much people that undergo plastic surgery anyway

omo! i really like nana.. she might have shaved her jaw? really… anyway still like nana haha

yeah yeah, she’s just another one that does it, doesn’t change who she is right now.

gross. having the jawline shaved creeps me out.. wish the reason could have been weight loss

I observe that her jawline looks different too but it doesn’t matter to me whether she did it or not. =)

I don’t think she did. But I really don’t think it matters anyway, she’s still the same person, and she looks great!

ChrisNguyen - 08/20/10 12:05 pm

i dont know, perhaps the left picture was photoshopped before they were released.. who knows....

possible...i never thought of that! O_O

looks the same

i dont think it should matters..

Her jaw line was the first thing I had noticed too^^
She looks good, it really doesn’t matter for me if she got under the knife or not. They have the right to do so, it’s their lives after all.

she looks the same!! smile

aww I love Nana :[
it really doesn’t matter though - since she looks good now

hmm can’t tell.. but her jawline does look different now >__<

Yeah looks like plastic surgery, the jaw line that is, But if they go either way there usually fake. But cant really tell in that picture, other than the jaw line.

I also agree with her slender jawline,
but I dont care, she is still my favorite :3

there is a difference but idc she still awesome nd celebreties have a right to do wat they want with their apperance

i dont know, perhaps the left picture was photoshopped before they were released.. who knows....

don’t care if she did or not.. she’s still my fav from after school!

yeah maybe she get a plastic surgery…

her jawline did change noticeably
the two pics look even more different with the change in hair color

wow she looks so different =O
I don’t mind that she’s done it though =S

yeah it looks like plastic surgery.. but I don’t really care~

Looks like it a lot, and I agree with the jaw line thing

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