We all know Japan is known to have the wackiest gadgets in the world. This time, they came up with something quite useful. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to their banana vending machines! Strangely enough, an American-based food company Dole Food Company planned this.

Japan currently has around one vending machine per every twenty-three people. They have typical things, such as drinks and snacks. They also have some wacky ones, like canned bread, eggs, fresh meat, live lobsters, porn, umbrellas, vegetables, and the queerest one… used schoolgirl panties.

So it’s no surprise that banana vending machines are going to be added to their collection of odd vending machines. They are planning to offer a single banana for ¥130 ($1.50) and six bananas for ¥390 ($4.50).

How are they going to store bananas? Good question. According to Technabob, the ideal temperature bananas is 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius). Using this information, they will store bananas at corresponding temperature. Sounds cool, right?

These will be great for students and office workers for breakfast or snacks! It’s already a hit because a prototype was set up at the Shibuya station in Tokyo where there are 2.4 million commuters everyday, and people seemed to love the idea of having banana vending machines.

What do you think is their next target? Apples? Strawberries?


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wow. cool.
i wish we could have one also here in the philippines.

as long as they’re at good temperature this is a great idea!
now only if this idea can come on over to the states as well…



that would be so cool though :D


lmao japan and their vending machines

weird but cool idea XD
lol at the used schoolgirl panties

Bananas are actually a great way to boost energy! This is a great idea!

cool i wished we had cool vending machines lol

whoa used schoolgirl panties?
and i’ll just have my bananas in my lunchbox smile

lmao how cool put them in australia xD
so does that mean the banananas wont rot O.o xD

That’s pretty cool! Better than the American junk food in our vending machines

This is a cool idea, but I don’t know how I’d feel about buying bananas out of a machine xD

hmm I live in Brazil so… bananas everywhere here, no need for a vending machine.
but in Japan I don’t know. You could just walk to a small market around the corner (or get it delivered to you maybe?) and get your bananas, right? it’s a cool idea though

Hehe, I don’t think this would attract me so much to actually buy bananas from a machine, but the idea is cool. Being healthy is always a great thing.

LOL that’s weird XD
I not a fan of bananas.. it it was an apple vending machine, then i’d think about it XD

I could totally use one of these, i am really craving fruit right now. Japan always thinks of the weirdest, yet most useful things.

wow weird idea..

I love the idea...you come out cheaper buying 6 which is more than likely the idea here. smile I think apples would be a good one.

wow LOLOL cool idea though

Banana.. I eat it almost everyday… Here it is soo cheap UAHUah~~ one banana ($1.50)?! -_-” expensive~~ no way

LOL. going healthier eh? But used panties? o.o
anyway I like this Dole banana! Sweeeeeet xD

how I wish my school gonna have this kind of vending machine, minus all the weird stuffs though xD

thanks for sharing^^

bahahaha thats so epic <3

This is great! A healthy vending machine :D

..used schoolgirl panties? O__O

Anyway, this sounds unique but still pretty cool. Hehe. raspberry Thanks for sharing! smile

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