Bisco Hatori’s well-known manga, Ouran High School Host Club, will end in the next issue on September 24, as confirmed by Hakuskensha’s shojo manha magazine LaLa. Started back in August 2003, the last issue will be fifty-two pages long. LaLa already announced before back in June that this series was reaching its final story arc.

Ouran High School Host Club has always been one of the popular series in Japan and on the New York Times bestseller list for manga. It was also made into a 26-episode anime starring famous voice actors Maaya Sakamoto as Haruhi and Mamoru Miyano as Tamaki.

To celebrate the end of the manga, LaLa initiated a “Host Club: The Last Party” campaign to give away gifts to fans.

As you guys already know, the story is about Fujioka Haruhi who pretends to be a boy in order to stay in Host Club, so that she can pay off her debt. I am going to miss Tamaki-senpai the most!