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Famous Japanese actors Oguri Shun and Inoue Mao were cast to be in a new drama series called Veterinarian Dolittle. Veterinarian Dolittle is originally a manga series created by Chikuyama Kiyoshi and Natsu Midori. More »

Fierce, fabulous, marvelous, whatever you wanna call this spread, it’s all of that and more! CL and Sandara Park of 2NE1 recently took time to strike a few poses for Allure Korea and shared a taste of what there is to expect for their comeback. More »

UVERworld is just one of those bands that can rarely do any wrong when it comes to music. As the band that got me into the genre of Japanese rock, I am always excited when they announce that a new single or album is coming our way. Well, looks like the boys are at it again, because a new single has just been announced for a release next month! More »

Pokémon: Best Wishes, the 14th season of the series, brings us a change with two characters who have been there since the beginning, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Nurse Joy’s makeover still holds the essence of the original Joy. But as you can see - the small changes that did happen, make her seem more unfamiliar than before. More »

Who has ever said that one must stick to one signature? It is so much fun, to me at least, to experiment with different signature styles, adding a smiley face here, or making the A just a little big bigger. Apparently, Super Junior’s Heechul also likes changing his signature! Just earlier today, the idol revealed to the public his new and improved signature: More »

Graduation photos of idol stars seem to be a hot topic and now with the recent release of a group of male idol group members it seems to be even hotter. These idol stars include 2PM’s Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Jaebeom, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P, Super Junior’s Heechul and DBSK’s Jaejoong and Junsu. More »

Kim Hyun Joong’s drama family has been released through a photo on his Twitter. It is a gradution photo that shows his mother (who is barely older than him), father and adorable little brother in the upcoming drama Playful Kiss. Take a peek at the Baek family here. More »

After School’s Gahee, JungAh and Jooyeon are going to be filming a remake of Orange Caramel’s Magic Girl MV. More »

It was reported in May that SNSD’s leader Taeyeon and SNSD’s maknae Seohyun would be teaming up to do voices for the 3D animation movie, ‘Super Bad‘ or ‘Despicable Me.’ With the movie coming to a close, official promo photos were released with the duo posing beside their animated characters. Seohyun will dub the voice of Edith and Taeyeon will dub the voice for Margo. Check out the promo pictures below. More »

In addition to SNSD’s MV teaser for Genie, the girls have just released the teaser for their upcoming single in Japan which is a Japanese version of their hit song “GenieMore »

SHINee’s leader Onew unveiled his ideal type of girl on KBS radio show Lee Soo Young’s Music Show. He never mentioned it on TV or on radio show before, so this was the first time he opened his mouth about it. Drum roll please! More »

Sticking to the schedule of your typical Kpop release - teaser, tracklist, album, teasers and now it’s time to wrap things up with the official release of FT Island’s full music video to ‘Love Love Love.’ Check out the mysterious MV below, Primadonnas! More »

Korean singer Son Dambi recently finished promotions for her hit ‘The Queen‘ and announced ‘dB rider‘ as the follow up track. Son Dambi promoted The Queen with cute outfits and now she will dress up as Cat Woman for her live performances. Cat Woman you say? What a strange outfit to wear on stage while singing. More »

The music video for Sistar’s latest single “Shady Girl” has just been released and is creating a buzz in the Kpopverse because it features a fun and girly side of Sistar and also because this MV features Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. More »

Japanese fans have welcomed Big Bang’s Beautiful Hangover recently, as the group officially released the EP last week. I believe I stated that this song was just not doing it for me, at least not completely, but I’m admitting it now - the MV did it’s thing and now ‘Beautiful Hangover’ is growing on me. More »

Results for those who placed bets on the KPOP Idol-Off: Taeyeon vs. T.O.P. match are in! More »

From Girlybubble: Today’s user-submitted link courtesy of CharmeexP is a photo of kawaii Hello Kitty earphones. Super duper cute! As you see, on the left hand corner is a small photo of a girl wearing the Hello Kitty earphones. I really don’t mind having Hello Kitty’s face poking out of my ears because its simply adorable! More »

From Girlybubble: When you marry manga and fashion together, you’ll get something like what appears on the cover of POP Magazine’s upcoming September edition: Britney Spears as a bride inspired by the best manga has to offer. The photo shoot was directed by the infamous and artsy Takashi Murakami, and boy did he managed to make Britney look good. More »

Congratulations to user Kizuninha for correctly guessing the previous Video Still with Son Dam Bi - Bad Boy. Below is the original video. More »

Welcome back to yet another KPOP Idol-Off match! For this match match, we’re pitting SNSD’s Taeyeon against Big Bang’s T.O.P.. Sure, it’s a cruel pairing since a lot of people are fans of both, but this isn’t about bands. It’s about the idols with the most passionate fans. It’s up to this match to determine whether Taeyeon or T.O.P. will advance on to be the top KPOP Idol. Read on for more details. More »

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