Ningin Majority is a simple game. We ask a question, you guys answer it. The most popular answer, aka the majority answer, gets 25 EXP points for those that gave a majority answer. For the previous Ningin Majority game, we asked, “What is your favorite movie of all time?” The most popular, majority answer? Harry Potter!

Followed by that in order of popularity: Inception (gotta love that movie), Titanic (this one too!), The Ring, Ninja assasin, Finding Nemo, Attack of the Pin-up Boys, Twilight, Iron Man, Moulin Rouge, The Two Faces of my Girlfriend, Shrek 2, My Sassy Girl, Toy Story, KoiZora, Fast and Furious, Lord of War, A Millionaire’s First Love, The Notebook, The good, the bad, and the ugly, Step Up, Boy in Striped Pajamas, and Blind Side. So many movies!! I wish I can say I’ve watched them all, but I’ve only ever seen 4 our of the many movies here.

And, CONGRATULATIONS for picking the majority answer: JanaBanana, amel34, MELISSAA, katvern, caerola, chocolatecream, skygel_02, blueberrypop, christineheehee, juliaa, hana_jaejoong, SadFaise, parkhaeri, sandrazara, idaidunk, BEASTisB2ST, samlagonsin, xhabb, kimnguyen_, LISARRHH, sujufxdbsk, pawpaw, nuhaaizanni, iniminey123, ayb126, Hikaru97, SyndicateS2, nessa5646, lil_bluey_bear, CharmeexP, mzlindie, saranghaesuju, 1206mhkim, brettchoi, paperbunnies, ndhaa, and xolucyxo12. Yay!!

Today’s question: What’s your favorite soda?

Results and the next question will be posted in the next 24-48 hours. When the results are posted, we’ll reveal everyone’s answers!

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