Another week has gone by (time flies, no?), and it’s time for another roundup of tweets on Twitter from your favorite celebrities! Here we go!

“Finally finished the tough account of three-day long trip aof Japan.. It was a fun account that took 6 months.” @GaemGyu

“Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.” @shfly3424

“Promotional picture for Athena came out ^^ hehe ^^” @BoA_1105

“Enjoy Chuseok ^^ hehe lots of hearts” @b89530

“I am back!!!! Haha^^ Please welcome me. I missed this place… and everyone!!” @taraeunjung1212 - LOL Nerd Khun =]” @Khunnie0624

“hey i’m back in Korea now! Had a great time during the Smtown concert in Shang Hai :) HOpe eveyr1 else did too!” @henrylau89

“I am trying to control what I eat. I want to eat ramen noodles with eggs, and after that I want to add rice and eat it with my grandma’s kimchi!!” @2AMjinwoon

“Jo Kwon ‘Men’s Health’.October’s issue” @2AMkwon

“I am going to Japan!!” @2AMONG

“One of my favorite pictures I took in our Japan hotel… :]” @__BEKAH

“went to Whee Sung’s Live in 3D Concert Movie Premiere… I have to say that it was pretty good… Show Whee Sung love when it comes out^^” @Brianjoomuzik

“Super Junior Concert.. SMTOWN Concert.. Radio Show..Variety Show filming..Promotions..Thank you fans for cheering us up..” @special1004

“sup… im in seven monkeys typin up my “thanks tos” for the new album =] hehe were comin out soon~!!!!!!!!!” @u_kisseli

“So cute” @BeeeestDJ

“Woke up at 4am today~!!! Another Chuseok special with idol groups! ^^ Hope to have fun today! @alexander_0729 and I got @themwave2010 after~” @Kevinwoo91

“I am this kind of person~~~” @ShinsFriends

“ Jia unnie is trying to eat me up!!!!!!!!” @missA_suzy - hehe thanks for the food! HOTTEST jjang!!” @taeccool

“One of my fav place in NY! ‘Madison square park’♥” @WG_Lim

“jay z and eminem concert” @WGyenny

“It came… I am finally eating..” @WGyubin

“WITH I.U ^__^” @Realtaeyang Kim Heechul’s identity” @Heedictator

“I am thankful for everything” @raina57 - filming Chuseok special Radio Star with GaemGyu.. ^^” @donghae861015

“bunny pajamas =)” @missA_min

“Chu~~~*^^*” @missA_jia

“This is my favorite picture!!!” @misskahi Soo Ah unnie and Hong Chul oppa jump!” @pjy1234

“Even though I was in Muzit for the first time, I enjoyed the experience a lot~!! I didn’t know that Young Suk sunbaenim was so entertaining LOL ” @MBLAQGO

“There are soooo many aliens in the earth more than we thought…like man in black movie..Trust me. Look around you…they’re fake! lol” @mimimimi0502

“Too hungry so eating cereal n realised sth STRANGE~ I live by myself but hv diff kinda cereal to satisfy me~ LOL” @alexander_0729

“Ahhhhhh I want to go to America and eat a piece of hotdog LOL I think I am going insane LOL I keep thinking that it tastes different in America.. LOL” @AllRiseSilver

“Watching Tak Goo on television right now LOL. It’s for much fun. I crave some rice bread right now. White bread♥” @ryeong9

“Today’s concept!!!!!!!!! LOL” @ukissSH heading to jeremy scott’s show!!!!:)” @WGsun

“ - taking a break from filming World Changing Quiz LOL With noona who is fixing her makeup LOL” @2AMCHANGMIN

“can’t nobody hold me down, OH NO, i got to keep on movin~” @JAYBUMAOM

Feel free to let me know if I missed anything important! Be sure to follow Ningin on Twitter!

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thanks for the roundup.

thanks for the roundup.<3

OMGosh, thanks for sharing! :D

Thanks for sharing...America to eat hotdogs....there is so much more to eat. smile

Thanks for the round up Jane!

Thank you for the round-up Jane smile

thanks jane!!

thanks for the roundup Jane smile

thanks for the roundup

Thanks for the roundup

Im so confused but I see alot of the people Im following on here.

Kizuninha - 09/20/10 10:32 am

Thank you~~ but I am still frustated because of Mano JK ¬¬

I don’t know who Mano JK is
if you want me to add him/her, then shoot me a PM with the twitter link

Thank you~~ but I am still frustated because of Mano JK ¬¬

Wow...these twitter roundups are getting longer and longer! Thanks for the update!

thanks for the twitter round up ;]

thanks for the twitter round up

thanks for the twitter roundup :D

wow, than you very much jane

thanks for the tweet roundup!

thanks for the roundup, Jane! smile

nerd khun <3
thanks for roundup ~

thanks for the roundup!

Thanks for sharing! smile

Thanks for the roundup Jane! smile

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