I thought Japan was the only country with funky vending machines. NO. I was completely wrong. China recently set up a new vending machine, and from this, you can get fresh, live crabs. You think I am lying? I wouldn’t be surprised if no one believed me, but it’s true!

The question is, how do you store live crabs in a vending machine? The creator of this product claims that the machine keeps the internal temperature at 5 degrees Celsius. By doing so, crabs are put into a hibernation mode and have a low chance of dying. The owner of the vending machine is so confident that he promises to give you three free crabs if you end up getting a dead one.

I am not a big fan of hairy crabs, so if someone asked me to get live crabs from there, I would refuse them unfortunately. However, the idea is quite creative. It’s perfect for those who crave crabs!


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Interesting~~ that is really different~~

that’s kinda weird xD

ROFL that is definitely creative xD

pretty cool but the crabs wouldn’t be as good as the one that lives and eat in the ocean or Sea. Wouldn’t it get skinner?? lol XD

haha. xD poor crabs

I feel bad for the crabs… but oh well. that’s at least… creative I guess

Wow… now that IS different…

Poor crabs >_< They’d just have to be frozen alive until someone comes along and eats them T^T

what the?? LOLL
I, too thought that Japan was the only one with these funky ideas.. guess not.

...crab vending machines?? O_O there’s also a bike vending machine and a gold bar vending machine xD

ahaha this is creative! I wouldn’t want to get crabs from that machine though, even if they’re alive xD


LOLLL how weird!! but i wouldn’t trust the quality of crabs from a vending machine even if they are alive… raspberry

This is the best article I’ve read so far. This is hilarious and if I were by a crab I’d wish it to be dead so I can get three for free. Yummy.

omo,.. LOL,.. that’s weird ,. hehehhe

what?! LOL i wouldn’t get it from there..

LIVE crabs? @-) =)) I thought Japan would be doing this one too. =))
Kinda weird being it from the vending machine but I think I’ll try it for fun.. xD

that’s a unique vending machine i must say! XD are the crabs inside packed? it seems like they are.

OMG!!! So funny!~~~ xD

what.. that was so awesome..
but kind of ceepy.. ahha.. hate crabs when it is alive…

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