The highly popular manga by Tite Kubo, Bleach, has just released its 424th chapter in the series! After a two week hiatus, Bleach is finally making a return with a brand new story arc: the Lost Shinigami Representative Arc!


For those of you that have followed Bleach at all, you know that the main antagonist of the story is Captain Aizen and his crew of arrancar. Well, as it was inevitably going to turn out (after all the fillers and pages of pointless dialogue), Aizen was eventually defeated, but Ichigo lost his shinigami powers in the process.

This new arc starts with Ichigo seventeen months after the Aizen incident, and we find that he is void of all spiritual power. His sister, Karin, however, seems to have increasingly growing spiritual power. We are also introduced to a possible new antagonist in the story, who apparently already knows who Ichigo is!

Now is a good a time to get into Bleach as ever! You can start reading the new chapter here. Need to catch up? Then head on over here.

So, are there any Bleach fans still out there?