Welcome back to yet another KPOP Idol-Off match! This time around, a Taeyang Solar Album (Kor. Vers.) is at stake! For this match, we’re pitting Big Bang’s Taeyang against Super Junior’s Yesung. Sure, it’s a cruel pairing since a lot of people are fans of both, but this isn’t about bands. It’s about the idols with the most passionate fans. It’s up to this match to determine whether Taeyang or Yesung will advance on to be the top KPOP Idol. Read on for more details.

For this match there will be 7 games. So whichever team wins 4 games wins the whole match.

Games List:
.+.palindromes.+. plus
Blue Archer
Hot Air Bloon
Snap’n'Pop (tiebreaker)


Team Yesung (Super Junior):
1206mhkim, Alteil, angeltorino, Anpanzu, Bloobubbles, BubbleCoffee, chocolatecream, deborabang96, deniseisafan, feezah, hopeisadream, iced_lemontea5420, idiosyncrasy, japjoong, jhanebibe, Jjamjjoo, joylim, karens2, Kpopfan27, MeiCy777, Minxiah, MizukiWakahisa, ndhaa, nessa5646, nuhaaizanni, qphung19, randomkpoplover, sandrazara, saranghaesuju, simplegenius, skygel_02, SL_of_CPHS, SUJUSJ, umichi, Unifyable, victoriaa, xhappyvirus

Team Taeyang (Big Bang):
1222099801, andidee, andithinkitstru, aozora88, aquii96, azusokens, bakingking, blueberrypop, CharmeexP, Cherimoya, CROKORG, dahlia, dennieluvs2pm, forevrstarz, geekwon, Halosinister, huong, IC3_K155, IC3_K155, icatx3, iheatherx3, JanaBanana, JefferyKuo, JesterNick, Joechan, jptyiu22, Kamilla, katvern, kayoss, kimchii, kimnguyen_, kittycatchen, Kiwiified, Kizuninha, kpoplover0394, kpoplover88, lil_bluey_bear, LISARRHH, lytoe, mstarz9, mystrillium, NamikaD, neha200, neidie94, Niecydc, nothermine, nothermine, parkhaeri, puccaok, Rosey, SadFaise, StardustDrop, sujufxdbsk, swtgrllubzyooh, SyndicateS2, taesun331, Trinh, tsubasaxeon, vezkana, wthahalolz, x3xmuzix, xolucyxo12, yayitsmercy, yerxbaska, yuenyee

200 EXP, pin for the winning team and a Taeyang Solar Album (Kor. Vers) to a random, elligible player who’s submitted at least one score throughout the entire match.

Eligibility: In order to to be eligible for the prizes, you must
1. Comment on this post with your Taeyang or Yesung allegiance by Thursday 11/04 6PM EST.
2. Record at least one score during the 5-day match on any of the games.

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This blog post is part of KPOP Idol-Off, Season 1.