KBS, you’re the best (besides the boys, of course). KBS confirmed JYJ’s appearance on its “2010 Drama Awards” with a performance of Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST song “Found You” (or “Chajatta“) a few weeks back, but it seems like the folks over at KBS are giving Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong another change to appear on national television in their “Live News Time.” Looks like they’re going to end the year with a bang!

Representatives from Prain, the pubic relations company representing JYJ, stated: “The trio of JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s news program for the 30th at 8 AM in order to talk about their U.S. activities and show their determination for the new year.”

Um. U.S. activities? Do want, please. Apparently a world tour is currently in the works (discussion-wise) and I would be very excited if these U.S. activities included a few stops for that world tour.

But let’s put aside my excitement for now–I’m extremely happy for the boys that channels seem to be getting more and more receptive of having them appear on their shows. SBS also has confirmed JYJ’s appearance on its “Good Morning” talk show, so hopefully more channels will follow in their footsteps. I’d love to see them performing on music programs sometime soon, but I’m satisfied with baby steps too. JYJ fighting!

Source: sharingyoochun