- Have a place to put your thoughts by entering to win this YG Family 2011 YG Life Official Diary (whew)!

- An amazing-sounding live performance by w-inds on a local radio program and featuring their upcoming single, “Be As One“.

- Onkyo announces their upcoming Android tablets, not too bad for the specs, though no confirmed price just yet.

- Pondering to pick up some new products for your look? Get an in to what’s going to be released with this roundup guide to the Spring 2011 Makeup Collections.

- Apple seems to be planing big things with its iPad 2, with this leaked piece of possibly true news that informs us there will be 3 versions to look forward to.

- A sad ending for this college student, whose known final moments were in a PC Bang playing his favorite online game…for 12 hours.

- See how well the mentioned-in-practically-every-guru’s-love-list Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler works with a review from one of our own.

The final days of 2010 are whittling down… - What was the highlight of your day?