Happy New Year! Has everybody enjoyed their start to the new year so far? After an eventful 2010 where we saw giveaways galore as well as the Super Christmas Giveaway, the introduction of the Reward Center (of which there are new additions to), the Ningin 2010 End of the Year Awards where both users and editors alike chose the best of 2010, we are seeing a whole new year upon our doorsteps! Celebrate it by adding a new wallpaper from the January 2011 Ningin Wallpaper Project and don’t forget that winning RPs never stops! Speaking of RPs, check out brettchoi’s, skygel_02’s and kpoplover1215’s Ningin Tributes which they earnt RPs for. Hope everybody has a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!

1st Place - 400 RPs: brettchoi
2nd Place - 250 RPs: kpoplover1215
3rd Place - 150 RPs: lytoe
4th Place - 50 RPs: aicileffers
5th Place - 50 RPs: xhappyvirus
6th Place - 20 RPs: yuenyee
7th Place - 20 RPs: jhanebibe
8th Place - 20 RPs: taesun331
9th Place - 20 RPs: notyourwallet
10th Place - 20 RPs: nessa5646

Congratulations everybody! Want to be on this top 20 list this time next week? Read our definitive EXP guide and FAQ.

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