Recent rumors have been making its way all over the Internet, regarding a possibility of our very lovable 2NE1’s Sandara and handsome Donghae coupling it up for 2011’s season of MBC’s popular show We Got Married. The news circulating have been setting fire to many neitizens whether its of approval or disapproval.

We Got Married is simply a show where two celebrities are paired up to live as fake husband and wife. The couple are obliged to maintain a house of their own and complete weekly tasks, all while being watched by the multitude of MCs. The show has received much success from fans.

Now, thanks to the help of YGL member Jaeyoung, an MBC representative cleared up the rumor over Twitter with one simple word: “No.”


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Thanks for sharing!

LOL. I love how straightforward the reply was XD

no? aww haha i want them to pair up

no, XD hehhe,. awww,.. I think that would be awesome if they’re going to paired!

haha, “No.” so straightforward xD

They’d make a cute couple though~
better than the popular suggestions imo

lol there were a lot of rumors of other idols too.. wonder who even came up with these rumors!

God, I can’t help but to laugh at the response XDD

I’m really happy its a rumor. I can’t see Donghae with dara.

haha i love how the response was just a “no” xD

I’d like to see Sandara on WGM. She’s so funny lol
but I think it’d be stupid of them to put Donghae on it, mostly because of really crazy fanatic fans around.

there’re lots of rumored couples that are out. i hope people will just wait until wgm itself announces their next couples.

they expect too much. XD
wish to see donghae in WGM too

i want to see donghae in WGM though.
i like him with jessica ^^

Good they cleared it up. But the one word “No” made me lolz..sorry ^ ^

good thing it’s a rumor..
I can’t imagine dara and donghae together
jessica and donghae sounds more like it.. smile

i want to see them together.

they would make a cute couple !

i want to see snsd jessica and super junior donghae because they look cute together but i’m hoping to see donghae in WGM!

i think they would be a cute couple though

i think they look alright
but i’m hoping to see donghae in WGM!

aww they would have made an interesting on air couple :/ i wanna know who the couple is for next season :D

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