4Minute’s Gayoon is now surrounded by various controversies that were thrown by netizens after giving the camera a middle finger.

Fellow member Jiyoon uploaded this controversial picture on Twitter. After picture has spread all over the internet, Jiyoon tweeted saying, “I put that picture up by mistake. How do I erase it?” Originally, when the picture was posted it had a caption that says, “before going to Malaysia, last picture of Kwon Sso and Ssang Yoon. hehe”. In that case, it’s pretty much obvious that Jiyoon didn’t intend to upload that picture because Sohyun “Kwon Sso” was not on the picture. Later on, Jiyoon posted the picture she originally wanted to upload.

While Gayoon is now under fire for her questionable actions, Jiyoon was also criticized by netizens. They nicknamed her “team member killer” or “team kill” simply because she carelessly uploaded the picture.

What do you think of this whole controversy? Do you think that netizens are overreacting again?


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Although she should’ve been more careful, it’s really not THAT big of a deal.

overreacting~ oh well, it was a simple mistake~ =\

yup,. she should be more careful next time,. >.< Aigoo,. ~


oh wow… she really should have been more careful :/

they should be careful next time.

both of them should’ve been more careful.

I think Jiyoon and gayoon should be more careful! They shouldn’t post this online!! >_< Still the netizens shouldn’t go overboard with this.

that’s not good.
they should have been more careful.

oh ,.that was a big mistake ,. !! ,
she should be more careful with what she uploads on her twitter ,.
with all the fans and followers waiting for her every post ,.

17lizzie - 01/16/11 4:57 pm

jiyoon was careless for uploading the photo,
and gayoon shouldn’t have done that since she’s and idol…
she should have been more careful..

i agree with you lizzie ,gayoon really shouldn’t have done that on the first place !!

awww she shouldn’t have put it up.. they’re idols so they should’ve known what was bound to happen..

i dont think she should have done that~

jiyoon was careless for uploading the photo,
and gayoon shouldn’t have done that since she’s and idol…
she should have been more careful..

WOW, and Kibum was so scared of letting the Hello Baby people publish the picture of him giving the middle finger! (even though he was just making the peace sign~)

It’s not ... good. XD & She should have been more careful but I don’t find it that big of a deal.

wow wow wow.....

woah.. they should be more careful about which pics they upload onto public sites..:/ but jiyoon has already taken down the picture ^^

i’m not sure what to say about this ‘cause they’re celebs so they should be more careful
but i’m sure she’s not the only celeb who does the middle finger but this is quite surprising

well to be honest I think both members are in the wrong here.. but jiyoon should really be more careful next time because no one wants to be called “team member killer” or “team kill”

i hope she just did that by mistake :|

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