During a recent recording of MBC’s “Idol Star 7080 Best Singer,” idol singers were able to confess their actual body measurements and head sizes during the show’s “Idol Guinness Dol.Dol.Dol” corner. During the segment, miss A’s Fei challenged 4minute’s Hyuna to a waist off!

Being a part of a female girl group requires you to have a perfect body otherwise an illusion to possessing the perfect body. Usually questions regarding topics related to an idol’s bodies have always been avoided until today.

4minute’s HyunA, who is recognized for her small waist was measured directly on set to reveal her slim 23 inch ant-sized waist. Challenging her waist measurement was miss A’s Fei, who marginally lost by 2 inches with 25 inches.

Out of the male celebrity idols, F.T Island’s Song Seung Hyun gave a remarkable measurement of 26 inches, shocking the set with an ant-sized waist comparable to that of females.


The full episode will be aired this coming February 4th.