Having made her comeback with “Well Done,” Navi’s drastic image transformation has caught the attention of many and now the singer herself has revealed her special and easy diet plan.

Via her Twitter, she revealed, “A lot of people have been asking me about my diet… Honestly, there isn’t much. All I ate were salads, keke. I’ll let you know of one that doesn’t require money. I… wear a parka and dance around at home, haha. You sweat like crazy and even get rid of your stress. I think I have to install club lights in my room…”

She later uploaded to photos of herself with no makeup and wrote, “Of course, I’m not saying you must only eat salads for all three meals of your day. Eat an appropriate amount of rice and exercise!! I used the excuse of the cold winter weather for not exercising and I feel that I’ve gained weight, so I am working hard also. And in order to sing, I need to eat no matter what in order to gain strength ^^.”

Describing people’s amazement over Navi’s recent transformation her company, ITM Entertainment, revealed, “People in the broadcast halls that haven’t seen her in a while all ask whether she got plastic surgery and how she dieted. Navi herself is enjoying the attention she’s been getting for her beautiful body.”

I do have to agree that Navi looks even more amazing with her recent comeback. What made me really happy about her diet was that she was able to find a nice balance for herself so that she didn’t become skinny but instead she became healthy which I think is now important than being skinny.


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ooh,.club lights,. haha,. lol.. would love to try that! 

wow awesome smile

lol. that’s funny.XD

i’m about to get my winter jacket and dance with my music on full blast xD haha it sounds fun!

haha install club lights in her room.. she’s so funny and cool! i’m glad she’s going on a healthy diet instead of like other stricter diets!

wow that’s it?? i thought she would have to follow stricter rules or something xD i wish other idols would do this sort of dieting ^^

hmmm i might try to follow her diet plan..it sound pretty good (:

Haha, that’s interesting smile Sounds fun actually.

Lol, I’m thinking of following this diet now, xD
At least its a healthy diet. much better than a strict diet, smile

I’m glad that Navi is having a good healthy diet!! She looks so great now!!! I should try to be dedicated as her to lose weight! >_<

her diet plan is actually a pretty good one to try

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