Secret Garden‘ has received much success ever since its first premiere. Likewise, it was inevitable to see some parodies of the highly successful drama. ‘Soshi Garden’, is one in the many parodies of the drama that have made its way onto various online community sites and blogs.

‘Soshi Garden’, is a parody of the drama that features the SNSD members. Taeyeon and Jessica are depicted as the main characters in ‘Sosi Garden.’ This parody have garnered much attention ever since its debut onto the internet community.

Netizens who saw this parody commented, “Indeed, this suits SNSD well too,” “Now, I wonder what parodies are coming next?” and “It suits them really well.”

In the list of cast for the parody, the main characters, Taeyeon and Jessica played the role of Juwon (Hyunbin) and Raim (Ha Jiwon). Yuri and YoonA took the role of Oscar and Yoonseul respectively while maknae Seohyun played the role of Juwon’s mother, Boonhong.

Cute? I think this parody is hilarious!