With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air! Now it’s time to find the perfect sweet and romantic drama to watch, and I have compiled together a list just for you Ninginers of my Top 10 Romantic Taiwanese Drama choices! Nothing but variety, full of tears, laughs, and plenty of loving, these all come with my 100% recommendation!

10. Tokyo Juliet:
This is definitely the saddest drama on the list, or maybe out of all the Taiwanese dramas out there! You can tell just by the title that it is a story about love destined to be separated. Lai Sui (Ariel Lin) always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, but when she was only a little girl her design was stolen from the top fashion designer, Chu Xing (Simon Yam). She vowed that she wouldn’t fall in love until she defeats Chu Xing, but upon meeting Ji Feng Liang (Wu Zun) could her mind be changed? It isn’t long before she finds out that he is the son of her rival, and that is only the beginning of the obstacles they face. With nothing but misunderstandings, betrayal, and devious plots to get these two out of the picture, this comes in the list at number ten as a very romantic but very depressing drama.

09. Love Or Bread:
Frank (Joe Cheng) is a lazy procrastinator who tries to appear to everyone that he is very wealthy, when in fact, he is not. While Shan Mei (Ariel Lin) is a hard worker who also struggles financially. When the two struggle for money and a place to live, it turns out they both bought the same tiny room to live in. A very broken down place, they struggle to get along, being complete opposites. But with them both needing money to survive, could they overlook their differences? This is a very fun and cute romantic comedy.

08. ToGetHer:
Mars (Jiro Wang) is a celebrity whose popularity goes down hill, out of luck and out of money he is forced to move into a small living space, where he meets his homebody landlord, Mo Mo (Rainie Yang) and her best friend Jia Sen (George Hu). Could he lower his ego to befriend her, or many even fall in love with her? Poor Jia Sen doesn’t understand how she could have another friend, and could stand in there way.

07. Hana Kimi:
Lu Rui Xi (Ella Chen) is inspired by higher jumper, Zuo Yi Quan (Wu Zun) so much that she disguises herself as a boy just to transfer into his school. Little did she know she would even get to room with him! But that makes keeping her identity more of a challenge now. Falling in love with him, it is hard not to express herself, and people are believing she could be gay. Jin Xiu Yi (Jiro Wang) becomes so attached to her, that he can’t even believe that he now might be turning gay. It seems everyone is a little confused except for Quan who has put all the pieces together and knows the whole story, but he is too afraid to tell her his true feelings, because knowing she’s a girl she might have to leave the school. A complicated and hilarious love story, once again having Fahrenheit at the foot of the humor.

06. Marry Me!:
Celebrity Bian Dang (Mike He) ignored his agency’s objection and decided to get married, but when his fiance stood him up. Fans going on a rampage, his makeup artist, Xiao Qing (Queena Liu) helps him sneak passed the public and introduces him to The Escape Pod, a place people go to escape from their old lives. But on this journey this brings the two of them closer and closer each day. A very sweet and romantic drama.

05. Romantic Princess:
Dreams do come true. For Xiao Mai (Angela Zhang), she had always dreamed of being an heiress, and one day her dream comes true. Being adopted, she finally learns her true heritage when he grandfather comes after his long search, bringing her into a family of high honor and wealth, she also meets the four boys (Wu Zun, Calvin Chen, George Hu, Li Ang Lin) under the company. Could she meet her prince charming and live happily ever after in the place of her dreams?

04. It Started With A Kiss:
Now I bet none of you are surprised to see this on the list. One of the best Taiwanese dramas ever filmed, and one of the sweetest love stories.

When Yuan Xiang Qin’s (Ariel Lin) house is destroyed in an earthquake, her and her father move into his old friend’s house, but to her surprise he is the father of her cold classmate Jiang Zhi Zhu (Joe Cheng) who she had recently confessed to and was rudely turned away. Believing she is living in a dream, she is awakened by how cold he can be. But can she soften his heart and possibly fall in love together? (Also be sure to check out the sequel, They Kiss Again).

03. Devil Beside You:
Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) is an innocent young student just trying to make it through college. Falling for the captain of the basketball team, Yuan Yi (Kingone Wang), she goes to confess to him. But her luck is suddenly stricken when she accidentally gives her letter to the bully of the school, Ahmon (Mike He)! Butting heads for a while, she slowly started to see a different side of him, and they started falling for each other. But this could pose as a problem since his father and her mother are engaged. Can these soon to be siblings keep their relationship?

These three are the perfect love triangle in this and their other drama together, climbing up the list as one of my all time favorites. It has got to be one of the cutest romance dramas ever!

02. Love Buffet:
Now I was very tempted to put this at number one, but I just can’t replace number one with a drama we all have yet to know the ending of! But after the first episode it already became my new favorite drama. The cutest love triangle to ever hit the screen.

Xiao Feng (Yu Hong Yuan) is a young college student just looking for love in the world, when cousins Da Ye (Calvin Chen) and Cheng Yi (Aaron Yan) move into the floor above her, the most popular and rich guys of her school, her world is turned upside down. Seeming cold and a little harsh at first, Xiao Feng makes her way past Cheng Yi to the charming and playful Da Ye, but not understanding what a real relationship is like, could they ever progress? Cheng Yi looking out for her so she doesn’t get heartbroken, slowly making his move. Which one will she fall for, and stay with?

01. Why Why Love:
Coming back to the Devil Beside You love triangle, these three are back again and making this genre of dramas better than ever before!

All Jia Di (Rainie Yang) ever focuses on is money, being in debt she tries to repay everyone, and to help her family out. Never thinking of herself first, her best friend Xiao Nan (Michelle Chen) sneaks a Love Coupon in her service box for Jia Di to find love with the handsome manager, Huo Yan (Kingone Wang). But his reckless brother, Huo Da (Mike He) also gets a special coupon, the Master/Angel Service, and she is forced to work for him for an entire week. But as that week comes to an end will her feelings for him change, or will she stay with his brother?

The perfect drama to keep you routing for love. You’ll laugh, and cry, and then cry some more. It tops my list of my all-time favorite drama.

Now that I have given you my top ten romantic Taiwanese dramas just in time for Valentine’s Day. Tell me, what are some of yours?

This blog post is part of the 2011 Valentine’s Day Special. Head here for more details and related stories!

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I freaking love Why Why Love! It was the best drama ever up til episode 12. Then Rainie rejected the CEO’s proposal and I’m like “WHYYYYYYYY?!?! He’s perfect!!!” Well, I still got an episode left so I hope it all works out xD

awesome best choice smile

like the list.. why why love is one of my favourite drama~
perhaps The prince who turns into a frog is the most romantic drama i’ve ever seen…

nice choices! Love Buffet! <3

I remember starting some of these, but I don’t know if I finished them. I should go back and re-watch^^

All amazng choices^.^
If I could add anything it would have to be Down With Love:)

ISWAK has to be my favourite :D

Loved the series Hana Kimi and Devil Besides You. Too bad Fated to Love You is not on the list…

Ooh, I should totally check some of these out. ♥

now i know what to start watching lol

All the titles seem familiar. But I haven’t seen any of them. Haha. XD

from the list, i like romantic princess the best smile) wu zun! ^0^. I wasn’t able to finish love or bread. it was kinda boring for me T_T.  I need to start watching love buffet!

I watched almost all of them, except I never finished Love Or Bread and ToGetHer XD

It’s interesting to see how the same actors/actresses are on the list for different dramas.

I watched some of these xD
thanks for sharing

wah~ all these drama are good~
the only one i haven’t watch is love buffet and marry me!~
I thought autumn’s concerto would be on the list~

i’ve seen some of these
but i’d include autumn’s concerto in my list:)

have watched everything except ToGetHer..devil beside you was love.. watching love buffet.. but it’s kinda slow paced for me.. it’s okay.

i watched most of the dramas listed here, & i loved all of it!
i have to say, devil beside you is number for me too :D

ooh, Hana Kimi and Love buffet! I hear these are really good!

I only watched romantic princess and devil beside you from this list! must watch those other amazing taiwanese dramas soon ^^

Best: ISWAK and Devil Beside You. Loved those.

from the list, i like devil besides you the most!! ^^

ahhh i love almost all of them :D
i’ve not watched Marry Me & Together though (:

Actually some of the dramas, I don’t like. I watch all of them except ‘Love or Bread’ and ‘Love Buffet’. I actually like Devil Besides You more than Why Why Love. The others are okay. Thanks for sharing.

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