Korean drama has made up a majority of my life ever since I entered the fandom of KPOP. K-drama usually is made up of cliches and somewhere in that, is a love line. Since Valentines Day is coming up soon, lets reminiscence some of the cutest moments from K-drama many of which started the whole hallyu wave across Asia. Most of the dramas are repetitive and to much surprise we somehow manage to never get sick of the perpetually sad and depressing love plots.

Secret Garden – Just a way to get to her – CHEESY!

I cannot explain how cute this scene is but it is really cute! When JooWon began doing sit ups and requested help from Ra Im, I instantly knew what was about to happen. The moment where they begin to stare at each other it just makes your heart want to just jump out of its position! I couldn’t even breathe throughout this scene and I believe I am not the only one who was lost for words. That is why this scene deserves this place on the list.

Full House - Honey Moon Cut – Bike Riding scene

One of the biggest dramas in the industry that caused the whole hallyu wave. The love/hate plot of this story just made it even cuter, as it reinforces the policy “enemies end up loving each other.” I choose this scene because the entire sequence, music choice and scenery complimented the ‘shy love’ concept which makes this scene one of the most unforgettable.

Creating Destiny – to win her heart back

Although this drama is quite old, it caused many neitizens to ’spaze’ all over it. When Yeo Jun was determined to win Sang Eun’s heart back he decided to travel all the way to Australia. When he encounters her, he quickly apologizes to Sang Eun but Sang Eun demands him to go on his knees. While he goes on his knees, he quickly pulls Sang Eun down with him and kisses her. The whole incident may seem accidental which makes it even more heart throbbing! Multitude of the alpha males have a lot of pride thus when the male lead went down on his knees, it just depicted how much he loved the girl!

Secret Garden – Coffee fluff kiss DYING OF CRINGEWORTHY!

Who doesn’t want this to happen in reality? Although Hyun Bin portrays an arrogant character, you can’t help but squeal at this scene. Next time when your out on a date and are drinking coffee make sure there ain’t any tissue around.

Playful Kiss- Cliché Kiss in the Rain

This is one of the biggest cliché(s) that is usually common in most dramas. However fans of Hyun Joong must be cringing over his charisma! Just imagine if you were the actress acting alongside him!

Cliché: Besides the scene being set in the rain, after a confrontation with the two leads, the guy always mends it with a passion filled kiss.

IRIS - Sweet Kiss

Many fans became envious after watching this scene. Seeing the intimacy between the couple while the male lead transfers the lolly into the girl’s mouth just makes you feel like ‘I want to be that girl’ Yes, sure it might of seemed disturbing and unhygienic, but the female lead didn’t seem to mind.

Ever since this scene aired on television, there has been a lot of replications and parodies of the infamous kiss.

Damo – Seeing you hurt is like hurting me

This cut is where Chae-ok gets her arm injured by the noble man. Before she gets seriously injured, Commando Hwangbo comes to her rescue. Unfortunately Chae-ok receives a deep cut in her arm. Commando Hwangbo then puts medicine on her arm while expresses his inner thoughts by informing her, that when she is hurts, he is hurting too. Chae-ok proceeds to tell him that she doesn’t want to be an obstacle in his life. In return, he retorts that he has no agenda to leave her side. This is what I define true love!

This cut does not do this drama justice at all! The subtitles are very formal which detracts the romantic concept of the scene. However as the couple walks through the forest the scene is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking which reinforces the beauty of love.

You’re Beautiful – Jeremy.. I need you in my life!

This list wouldn’t be complete without a scene in You’re Beautiful. This video is a complication of scenes that involve Jeremy’s love moments. Not only is he cute but when it comes to love you can consider him a little obsessed. I couldn’t help but smile when he came on TV cause honestly who can resist a character like Jeremy?

Coffee Prince – Cutest yet most heart breaking!

This is one of the most painful love scenes to watch. Han Kyul was distressed and had conflicting emotions towards Eun Chan which made this scene a real killer! You can really feel Han Kyul’s love even though he tries so hard to deny it. From my personal opinion, this scene could easily be pathetic and boring, however Han Kyul definitely portrayed his character well enough to create a sense of sorrow. Coffee Prince was one of the most phenomenal drama’s of all time.

Boys over Flowers - “I am the star and the moon inside is you”

You could definitely interpret Jun-pyo’s love for Jandi. What could be better than a personalized gift? The necklace symbolizes how the stars and moon are always together and cannot be separated, just like Joon Pyo and Jandi. Likewise after this episode was aired, the item became a best seller among fans and couples.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video, so I replaced it with a picture.

There are many dramas out there that have cute plot lines. What are your favorite scenes?

This blog post is part of the 2011 Valentine’s Day Special. Head here for more details and related stories!

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My two favorite scenes are in it ^^
the coffee kiss and the sit-up scene *-*

“Secret Garden – Coffee fluff kiss” would be my favorite!

kekeke, can’t heLp but to feel envious of Gil Ra Im with that scene! <3 <3 <3

aww i miss jeremy in He’s Beautiful..but the ending is too sad to be true ie. for jeremy and shin woo =(
n i’m absolutely a big fan of Kim hyun joong as well!

<3 the secret garden coffee cream kiss..its so sweet

haha .. I really like Jeremy , he’s so adorable as in SO ADORABLE ! smile)

SO HOT >_<

aww these are super cute thanks for sharing.

AWWWWW soo cuteeee :DD I like the Jeremy one from “you’re beautiful” :D

Secret Garden situp scene!! hhaha!

OMG secret garden and
jeremy from you’re beautiful so cute smile

Haha and Jeremy from You’re beautiful! LOL
Hongki is such a cutie~~~~

very cute moments indeed lol

i love secret garden!!! <3
jeremy was sooo cute in youre beautiful

No date on Valentine’s. I should watch all these dramas instead. lol

Loved that scene in Creating Destiny! Eugene is so pretty. ^^

LOL. Totally love these moments.
Thanks for sharing. ^^

i love these moments too! ahahaha many cute moments from secret garden AHAHA
thanks for sharing!

i really love these moments

i love aaaall of them!!! why there’s none from Princess Hours? :(

Jeremy’s scene is the best!! who can stop smiling seeing him??? smile

Omg Coffee Prince is amazing ^^

aww cute moments, thanks for this!
it makes me wanna watch those dramas again. ^^

I love these moments. Especially Jeremy’s! He’s just so adorable. Hehe.

All these moments are so adorable~ Thanks for sharing!

Ah… I love the honeymoon scene from Full House and Jeremy was sooo cute in You’re Beautiful. Thanks for reminding me of all those moments.

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