Valentine’s Day is a special time where couples celebrate their love. Of course, we shouldn’t forget our favorite couples in our most-loved dramas. So here it is, my list of the best on-screen couples of all time in no particular order. (Bear with me it was really hard to choose.)

Dao Ming Si [Jerry Yan] x Shan Cai [Barbie Hsu]
(Meteor Garden)
Tell me, who doesn’t love this couple? This pair made everyone, or at least most people dream something different in their own love lives. I still remember on how South East Asia went gaga over this couple. They have this “thing” that other couples don’t have. Enough said, this is one of the best team ups. Agree?

Song Joo [Kwon Sang Woo] x Jung-Suh [Choi Ji Woo]
(Stairway To Heaven)
I guess even death can’t separate the two. Although they suffered so many hardships in the drama, the love that they proved that indeed has no boundaries. They really touched my heart.

Lee Young-Jae [Rain] x Ji-Eun [Song Hye Kyo]
(Full House)
I liked on how teased each other non-stop in the drama. They were acting like they were little kids especially during the bed scene wherein they were kicking each other XD. They were irresistibly cute!

Hyun Woo [Kim Rae Won] x Soo In [Kim Tae Hee]
(Love Story In Harvard)
Only “LOVE” can describe this couple. They made the storyline more appealing, realistic and affectionate. I was really touched with their scenes together. They’re the most romantic on-screen couple.

Lee Shin [Joon Ji Hoon] x Shin Chae-kyeong [Yoon Eun Hye]
Tell me, who doesn’t like this royal couple? They were so lovable and romantic. Until now, I still hope that they will be a real couple even though it’s sounds kind of impossible, but then who knows?

Ji Yung [Kim Bum] x Ga Eul [Kim So Eun] a.k.a SOEUL COUPLE
(Boys Over Flowers)
Seriously, I believe that they’re a match made in heaven. My heart flutters every time I see them together in the drama especially in the scene wherein Yi Jung did his 5 second killer steps. Ji Yeong has this killer smile that Ga Eul’s always falls for. They’re indeed the real SOEULMATES.

Tae Kyung [Jang Geun Suk] x Min Nyu [Park Shin Hye]
(You’re Beautiful)
Although Shinwoo was good enough for Go Mi Nyu, I guess Go Mi Nyu and Taekyung were better together. They spent so many laughers and tears with each other. Oh, and the pig rabbit stuff toy! It was just the sign of their cute love.

Jae shin [ Yoon Ah In ] x Yoon Hee [ Park Min Young ]
(Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Although I knew that Jae Shin would never end up with Yoon Hee, I was still hoping deep inside my heart that they’d be together. You guys might be throwing rocks at me if I say this but honestly, I felt the real “spark” between Jae shin and Yoon Hee plus, he’s ALWAYS there to save and cheer up Yoon Hee.

Joo Won [Kim Hyun Bin] x Ra Im [Ha Ji Won]
(Secret Garden)
You guys might be killing me if I don’t mention this couple who made everyone crazy lately. Their chemistry was just so A-W-E-S-O-M-E in Secret Garden. If some of you haven’t watch this yet, better do it NOW.

Jiang Meng [Mike He] x Qi Yue [Rainie Yang]
(Devil Beside You)
Last but not the least, is no other than one of the most favorited Taiwanese pairings, Mike He x Rainie Yang. Okay, so do I still need to explain why I chose them?

Now it’s your turn, who’s your favorite Asian drama couple?

This blog post is part of the 2011 Valentine’s Day Special. Head here for more details and related stories!

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“park shin hye & jang geun suk in he’s beautiful” got me falling in love over and over.. wish they were true couples

they r all sweet..
but my fav would be “rain & song hye kyo in fullhouse” as well as
“park shin hye & jang geun suk in he’s beautiful”..also “kwon sang woo & choi ji woo in stairway to heaven (very very sad love story)”
the chemistry is so strong, you fall in love when they fall for each sweet ♥

i agree
thanks for sharing smile

I love you and your couple choices lmao. Rainie and Mike He, ‘Devil Beside You’ and ‘Why Why Love’ were some of my first dramas lmao.
I love the Secret Garden Couple lmao, but Hyun bin and Song Hye Kyo are actually real lmao, so you should have used the drama ‘World Within’just so you could put them up together :D
Soeul couple is a forever win(I was so sad they didn’t have a kiss scene lmao).
YB, in the end I was happy with the couple, but I was routing for Yonghwa’s character for a bit.
And my last couple comment......
Sungkyunkwan Scandal couple that you chose. -approves- He always protected her and he was hot lmao OTL

aww. actually all the couple actings were really cutee~
thanks for sharing ~

eeeeeeeeeeeeeep sooooo cute ^-^

Love the couples!
thanks for sharing!

i love the couples on this list! ^^
thanks for sharing!

Goong Couple!! My first ever drama which got me addicted to Asian stuff!! ^-^

aw nice list (: i like the full house and boys over flowers couples <3

cute thanks for sharing!

I love all the couples! Haha. I miss watching these dramas and watching their love story. XD

pheww .. I really love them all especially Shin Hye and Geun Suk , they’re really a cute couple .. ^_^

I like all of them. Especially secret garden and skk couple.

i love all of them!!! super sweet and really wanna have a great chemistry like them!!!

I love all the couples!
The secret garden couple are so adorable, I’ve never squealed so much in my life xD
One of my favorite couples are Show Luo and Rainie Yang in Hi My Sweetheart~

wonbin & song hye gyo

mike and rainie
hyun and gain

so eul couple

mike he and rainieeee!! i love that couple (: but SOEUL beats all!! XD

Mike He and Rainie Yang <3
i love to remember all these dramas! smile

I am totally loving this list! I am really happy that not just one but two of my fave couple, Jae Shin & Yoon, Mike He and Rainie Yang, made the list. ♥♥♥

Omo i like all of them! Especially Ji Yung [Kim Bum] x Ga Eul [Kim So Eun] ! :D

I love this entire list~

I love Goong pairing and Devil Beside You pairing <3 the cutest of them all :D

gotta agree with this list!
soeul couple <3

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