Kim Hyun Jung, who is one of the biggest legends of KPOP and who is also known for her explosive vocals and beautiful long legs has been on hiatus for two years and six month. But today, she returns back to her fans with her new track, “1 Minute, 1 Second.”

For her comeback this year, she worked together with the composer Minuki, who previously worked for her in her fifth album. Her new song has a unique blend of piano and string beats which best invoke the genre she’s most famous for dance.

The composer of the song even said that she recently picked up a new vocal style, she also gave out a lot of effort for her comeback this year which will be able to capture the hearts of her fans. Also her agency said that she spent her hiatus quietly but is planning to promote her comeback aggressively, She will also be appearing in various programs wherein she will be singing all that she couldn’t sing these past few years.

Check out her teaser