Lee Hyori is a singer, actress, dancer, and a model, what else could she add onto her plate? Well from now on, certainly not anymore meat! The multi-talented star recently said that she is on the road to become a full-fledged vegetarian!

As many fans know, Hyori has always had an interest in abandoned animals and hopes people will save them. She participates in many organizations that deal with stray animals, for example last year she joined forces with KARA (Korea Animal Right Advocates). Because of this, she decided to become a vegetarian.

Officials from her agency also said, “It has been almost two full months since Lee Hyori last ate meat. She’s doing this for plenty of reasons, one being to keep her health in check. She only eats a small amount of seafood from time to time”.

What the really ironic thing is, if some of you remember last year she became the official ambassador and spokesperson for Korean Beef. But the partnership between Lee Hyori and the company has since ended.

I give props not only to Lee Hyori, but to all the vegetarians out there. Of course it’s extremely healthy for you, but I couldn’t imagine myself not eating meat!


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My friend told me about this earlier today at school ^^ I think it’s amazing when people decide to help save animals by doing stuff like this. Another one of my friend’s is a vegetarian, and I honestly have no idea how she does it. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without eating meat XD

Wow...stay strong Hyori!

The transition is rough at first, but you get used to it. =)

oh wow.. that’s good for her but it’s so hard to do! yeah props to people who are vegetarian.. i wouldn’t be able to do it..
thanks for sharing!

wow! that’s a huge decisison for her!
it would be so difficult for me to become a veggie because i like meat a lot more than veggies & fruits :/
thanks for sharing!

I’m proud of her! I’m a vegetarian as well, and it’s easy to understand how difficult it can be. smile

oh darn I don’t think I could become a veggie !
good job hyori =]
thanks for sharing!

swtxcandi - 02/25/11 4:26 pm

I love meat too much, but I applaud her. But she’s not a true vegetarian, only a pescetarian if she still eats seafood.

You can say she is a “semi-vegetarian” but not a VEGAN!

I could give up poultry and meat for like 2 months, but not forever! >_<

Well, she just wants to become more healthy.

Well that’s good for her i know i wouldn’t be able to live with out eating meat

I love meat too much, but I applaud her. But she’s not a true vegetarian, only a pescetarian if she still eats seafood. 

Wow. Now I have more motivation to go vegetarian too. I limit my meat intake, but I love seafood to death. Props to her!

WOW I can’t even last a week without meat.

wow! i can ony be vege for approx a month a soo… and the craving hits me hard…

Damn, being a vegetarian is HARD.!
Good luck! :D

I think I could do it as long as I get to eat seafood. Heck, I may as well be one now because I don’t eat much meat as is.  But, she will have to take some type of vitamins to make up for the ones you get from eating red meat. Don’t want to see her passing out or anything.

LOL at the KARA (Korea Animal Right Advocates) thing… XD
good luck hyori~ ^^

I tried to be a vegetarian once, I lasted 2 months x3 But kudos to her, i think it’s amazing~

i don’t think i can do that either raspberry
love Hyori <3

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