Today’s video of the day, courtesy of brettchoi, features Big Bang’s Taeyang and Seungri in a dance battle. From an episode of Strong Heart, the powerful dance moves vs. sexy moves– it’s safe to say Taeyang won this round.

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thanks for sharing!! Taeyang’s dance was cool & Seungri was funny(trying to attempt the flip)
is that Horikita Maki? That girl? she looks like her @0:16?

LOL. I love Seungri XD It sucks because Strong Heart is always one of the first shows to get taken off youtube, but it’s one of my favorite shows =( Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing!
i’ve never seen this before because strong heart gets removed so fast off youtube!

ahh I never seen this but it’s a nice a little battle between the two big bang members smile
thanks for sharing brett.

Oh yeah, Taeyang won lolz

Yeahh, Taeyang!! :D
Thanks for sharing!

LOLOLOL GO TAEYANG, GO TAEYANG <333 That was awesome to watch, haha

Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing smile

thanks for posting this smile

LOLOL i love strong heart <3 this episode was sooo good! hahah seungri’s imitation xD

taeyang ! taeyang ! taeyang !

i remember this! I love both of their dances...but of course Taeyang’s was better! Thanks for sharing!

LOLOL. They’re so cute and pro. smile

Our boys are so skillfullll. LOL at Seungri!

wow what a great battle!! i love bot Taeyang & Seungri XD

Haha, he definitely did win that round with his sexy moves. <3

I love the picture above the video. I scream for ice cream! XD

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