Recently, a fan uploaded a debut picture of IU with a caption that says, “IU had a different concept from now.” As you can see on the picture, IU had a long wave perm. You might say that she looks quite different and looks a little bit mature.

(By the way, she was 15 at that time). When fans saw this, they commented saying, “She seems to age backwards,” “I think IU is better with a cute image,” and “I can’t believe this is a 15 year old.”

Which do you prefer, the previous IU? or the current IU?


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wow o_o she doesn’t look 15! so pretty~ she’s so cute nows!

She’s so pretty! She looks more mature in this picture than at present.

With that hairstyle, she doesn’t look 15 at all XD. Either way, I like all her styles smile

She still look pretty! That was when she was only 15? Dang...I hate to agree...she looks so much younger now! 

OMG she’s only 15 in that picture?? i look nowhere near that mature xDD hahah she’s so pretty ^^

she looks old. and mature.:OO

She was 15?!?!? I’m so jealous of her T_T Was she always this pretty?!? XD

danggg her skin is still so flawless :O and she’s soo pretty! there’s no way that’s a 15 year old.... :OOO

I prefer current IU...she looks so adorable

whoaaaa i couldn’t recognize her for a minute there :O
she’s going backwards hehehe so mature for a 15 year old!

okaaaaaay no… she did not look like a 15 year old… O.O
im speechless

She was suppose to be 15 here....WOW...she looks like she is 25.

in that pic she looks older than me! and im older than her lol XD i like the current IU ^^

wow she was 15?! she looks old for her age but still pretty ^^ i like the current IU more.

she is beautiful!! <3

I like the current IU..
she looks so much older in this picture that I would think she was 25 at least.

her makeup and hair is a lot better now

lmfao Benjamin Button

I kinda like the old concept better in general, but the current IU matches her music better.

She looks good! :D
Thanks for sharing!

she looks really pretty but her hair makes her look kinda mature. 

Wow she can pull the mature look off well.

LOL. Yea, it’s definitely the hair that makes her look older. Or the hairstyle, at least. XD

she’s so pretty! haha it’s just that hair that makes her look more mature! well, i like IU. LOL
thanks for sharing!

IU uniie is still prettyu

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