Recently, the Korean Popular Culture Industry revealed that soloist Jay Park, who just a few days ago apologized towards his former agency, JYP Entertainment, as well as his previous group, 2PM, has now settled all matters with JYPE. They also explained that with all previous matters put to rest, representatives will begin helping Jay to appear on broadcasts and recordings.

On February 23rd, industry representatives, through a document, expressed, “Even though former 2PM member Park Jaebum disappointed those who cared for him with his past mistakes, he is now with a new family and is beginning his celebrity activities as a solo artist. Seeing that he has confidently acknowledged, and is asking forgiveness, for the mistakes that would’ve been difficult for him to say, we can confirm that Park Jaebum has developed into a more mature person. We also feel that he is ready to show a better and more awesome image of himself to those fans who have given him infinite love.”

They continued, “This is not only a judgement by the Korean Popular Culture Industry, but also by JYP Entertainment. We hope Park Jaebum will be able to showcase his complete form once again.”

It seems that bit by bit, this entire issue is becoming resolved and unlike other issues, I really admire the fact that Jay actually took the initiative to solving this problem through his apology.