Allow me to introduce to you a new regular feature on Ningin, Prize Fights. Here you will be competing against other Ningin users in flash gaming matches to determine which prizes Ningin will be giving out in future contests. Should your team win, we’ll be giving out 3x copies of the prize you’re playing for. For this match, your options are: SNSD Hoot Album, SHINee Hello Repackaged Album, Big Bang 4th Mini Album, and the 2PM Still 2:00 PM Album. Read on for more details.

To participate in this match:

1. Fan us on Facebook:

2. Like or share this post:

3. Leave a comment below with one of the following text indicating which team you want to play for:

I want to play for Team SNSD Hoot
I want to play for Team SHINee Hello
I want to play for Team Big Bang 4th Mini
I want to play for Team 2PM Still 2:00 PM

This will be a 5-day match taking place from 3/4 to 3/8. Match details to come 3/4 and the last chance to sign up is 3/3 at 6 p.m. EST.

Winning team will see 3x copies of their album be given out in a future Ningin giveaway.

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