Even though the date has passed, this month on February 4th was World Cancer Day. And doctors of a private cancer hospital in the city of Surat, India commemorated the day by performing a whopping 50 surgeries in just 101 hours at the Bharat Cancer Hospital and Research Institute!

The purpose of World Cancer Day is to raise awareness of the disease and to foster prevention,detection and treatment for it. As of now, it is considered the fourth largest killer disease in the world. Every year, more than 440,000 people die of cancer around the world. In India alone, 700,000 to 800,000 people are diagnosed with the deadly disease.

The surgeries performed on the 50 patients were free of charge in order to honor the day of awareness.

Hopefully, one day a permanent and effective cure can be found for cancer and save the lives of many. There are so many people in the world suffering from this disease, and it’s even worse if you knew someone who was diagnosed with it. Like in the movie “My Sister’s Keeper,” oh my god I balled like a baby.


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The way they raised awareness about the sickness is really heartwarming. Kudos to these doctors and all those who helped them!

I truly appreciate works like these in which people fight for a common cause and for the good of the many smile
I applaud all those who supported the event! not only the doctors but the whole hospital and its staff :D

That’s really a great way to spread awareness, and My Sister’s Keeper was definitely a really touching movie. I watched it because of the ethical issues involved in the story, but the ending really surprised me. It didn’t disappoint me at all. 

WOW!! Get well to all of the people who went into surgery! 

get well soon all cancer holder!

50 surgeries in 101 hours, woah!
That is amazing and they did it free of charge ^^
People should be aware and fight for a cure. Thank you for sharing ^^

There’s a World Cancer Day? Well, now I know when to spread awareness~ ^^ And wow. 50 surgeries in 101 hours? That’s impressive!

oh wow :O about 2 hours per surgery… that’s so long!! the doctors must be tired. I never knew there was such thing as world cancer day. but now that i know I’ll try to spread awareness too!

I really wish a cure would be found for cancer. it kills so much people :(

This is really a great way to spread awareness to millions of people out there! I applaud the great work these surgeons have done. smile

woah! O.O
Thanks for sharing! :D

ooh, thats really interesting! big numbers >3< thanks for sharing! 

The dedication is amazing
thanks for sharing ~

I just hope less people will suffer from disease, not only cancer..
but great job! this is cool smile

that’s great thing to do!!
thanks for sharing!~

whoa free?! that’s so nice of them, such a good deed!
thanks for sharing!

Wow that’s good!
Thanks for sharing! 

This is great!
And omg I read the book “my sister’s keeper” and almost cried D:

Wooow free? That’s good!
Yeah hopefully a cure can be found to save the lives of many other people.
Thanks for sharing, interesting.

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