Super Junior’s album, “Bonamana,” has recently broken a record on Taiwan’s most popular music site, KKBOX, for placing number 1 on the chart for 38 consecutive weeks.

Through this new record Super Junior’s previous record of 36 weeks at number 1 for their song, “Sorry Sorry“, has been beaten. To express his thanks, Super Junior’s Leeteuk tweeted, “Thank you so much for ‘Bonamana’ #1 on the Taiwanese chart. Let’s meet soon with ‘Super Show”! Thank you once again!”

Netizens also expressed their amazement by leaving comments like, “Super Junior… Record Junior”, “So amazing!” “Their popularity is no joke”, and “Real Hallyu, real gods!”

Super Junior’s popularity seriously never ceases to amaze me. If I could write a history book, I would definitely have to write their names in it.