We earlier reported, the unfortunate news concerning U-KISS’s Kim Kibum and Alexander departure from the group as a result of the agency’s desire to find new member replacements. To express his disappointment and frustrations, Kim Kibum made an guest appearance on KBS’s “Entertainers” and revealed all of NH’s dirty secrets.

The transcript of the interview:

Hello, this is Kim Kibum.

First of all, I’m very sorry for having to meet everyone for this news.

And I’m immensely sorry for having to reveal my no make-up face… I’ve been having a hard time you see… (Laughs)

Q: What is the current situation?

A: My contract with my former agency has been cancelled. Around February, the agency told me that they would like to do some member replacements, and when I asked if it was me who was to get replaced, they replied yes.

First of all, they said my vocal role in the group was weak. I respected my agency’s opinion and agreed to cancel my contract.

Q: What is the reason behind “Kim Kibum withdrawing” being such a hot topic of discussion?

A: (Laughs) Well, I think there were a lot of areas I lacked in. I think my capability as a singer was lacking.

Q: There is talk that you withdrew to focus on your business?

I don’t know how that rumor came about. Because my activities ended after my contract was cancelled, for about a month I didn’t participate in activities during U-KISS’s promotions.

To be honest, I didn’t say anything in that time because I didn’t want it to affect the other members. I think that caused the misunderstanding. Our fans were misunderstanding the situation, and were saying things like, “Has he stopped U-KISS promotions because of his business?” and “If you’re going to put your focus on your business, then just become an entrepreneur. So I think that misunderstanding came about during that one month.

Q: What is the response from fans?

A: There are a lot of fans who’ve told me to come back, and there are a lot who say it’s not U-KISS without seven members. I’m apologetic towards the fans because of how this situation came out to be. They believed in me, so I’m hurt that Alexander and I had to withdraw from U-KISS. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to stay on my will.

If U-KISS becomes more successful with member replacements, then I guess I’m fine with that.

Q: What was your brother’s reaction to the situation?

My brother seemed really hurt that we couldn’t go right till the end together, and that I ended up getting off the bus halfway through. He said to me, “I wanted you to do well, I don’t know how the situation came to be like this.”

I was okay with it, but my brother got angry (Laughs). But he said that things like this can happen, and told me to always have strength.

I’m planning to push forward with my personal activities, and I’ll working hard to achieve success with my character business.

I’m very sorry that I had to show myself in a situation like this, but I will do my best to show a better image of myself.

I think this is quite unfair from Kim Kibum’s perspective. If the agency took the risk of transforming him into an idol even when they knew he was lacking in many areas, they should at least put in their best effort to resolve the issue rather than crushing one’s dream. What do you think ?

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i’d like to point out that for kimbum to have been chosen to be a part of the u-kiss members was an amazing deal for him having learned and experienced what he did. i’d love it if kimbum and alexander were still a part of the group but focusing on kimbum, without talent how did he manage to get into u-kiss. i’ll just say that kimbum… YOU DO HAVE TALENT!!!!!!!!!!! that’s how you got into the group out of all the auditions that took place. why kick kimbum out so much later when he was doing just fine within the group. but i’ll respect kimbum’s decision as well because i like him as well as the rest of the members though it’s sad to see them go. fighting oppas… continue to work hard and you’ll continue to rise

agree!! they shouldnt do that. that reason is not acceptable..!

Agree! Sure he might lack in some areas, but isn’t the company supposed to be there to help their trainees achieve their dreams by improving their skills and molding them into better performers?

OMHYGAD. what is their agency thinking??? like hell would I want to support someone who had the guts to kick people out!!!!
the ef! I love Kibum and Alex!!! :((((

That’s just so unfair.  They should have just helped him or train him rather than letting him leave the group. If kibum and xander we’re not good enough, why were they able to debut in the first place? I’m sure NH media would regret this. I hope kibum and xander would be MORE successful in the future. 

Aww. I’m hoping for the best for the best. Good luck Kibum.. smile

I dont understand… they might be slightly less talented but they are still the people who make u-kiss as famous and popular as now.
if they never exist, u-kiss might be much less successful…

i think it’s pretty unfair DD: i mean, U-kiss has been around for a year plus and only now they are telling kibum that he’s not good enough? THAT’S STUPID. The fans love him because he’s funny and entertaining! he does well on stage if not they wouldn’t have been able to win the [V] award!

lytoe - 02/26/11 11:34 pm

oh wow.. so it really was because of his company and not because of business.. well if he’s lacking then shouldn’t they help him more?! why let him go?! u-kiss is not gonna be the same anymore.. =/

I totally agree with you. I believe that if the company had supported him and given him the chance to improve, then he would’ve definitely been able to do so :(

I am so going to miss KiBum and Alexander! U-Kiss isn’t going to be the same with them! Totally dislike NH night now!! I wonder what the members of U-Kiss is thinking now...I want to hear Alexander’s story too! >_<

i feel bad for him! so unfair that they kicked him out just cos he’s lacking.
they could’ve trained him more instead of removing him from the group.

Wow, its so harsh that they kicked him out. I had no idea. Its not very fair to have signed him and then asked him to leave. I love U-KISS but the way companies are treating the members of these groups right now is appalling.
In a group you can have other members supporting you and covering your weaknesses, then you can let your strengths shine through. But I guess I can understand that they dont want anybody “dragging the group down”.
Must be really heartbreaking.

this is so freaken messed up. i thought kibum wasnt bad. pisses me off hearing them say that they are lacking. ugh i want kibum and alexander back with the group, it wont be the same with these new replacement members…

That’s not fair >=( Kibum is a good singer, he isn’t lacking in any areas, whatsoever. Even if he was lacking, they could’ve trained him more instead of replacing him and kicking him out. 

I think many agency pick ppl with handsome look and then put them into training without knowing them actually can sing or not...after training them, only they realise this person really cannot be a singer...so I dun think the agency make a wrong decision to cancel his contract...it’s just like employer and employee relationship in a company...if an employee is not working up to the boss expectation, then the boss has the power to fire the employee and hire better ppl...why keep a low efficiency employee as you know he’ll slow down your company performance...if you dun want to be fired, then just work hard and impress your boss...not just shaking legs..this will be fair to other employees

I’ve actually got to know him bcoz he’s Kim Hyung Jun’s brother..and so I also support him..it’s so sad to hear news like this.n u r totally right.if he didn’t fit in right at the beginning esp after training, they should make up their mind before the debut.
but don’t you worry.everythings gonna be just fine.just be strong!

I think Kibum was a good singer ..
The agency is really losing someone great
more U-kiss fans ):

wow… companies r so harsh. y member replacements? thts just stupid >.>

okay really honestly? what it not satisfying enough for this so-called company? sure kibum doesn’t have the most amazing vocals in the group, but he still PART OF THE GROUP. and alexander is one of the main rappers, i seriously don’t find anything lacking.. in my mind NH media is the one that is lacking something xD and those new members are gonna have to work their butts off if they’re gonna become part of the group, cause it is not going to be easy. U-KISS won’t be the same now D:

thank you for sharing :] i would be angry too if i were his brother. It is amazing Kibum is keeping cool appearance about this. What a pro trooper. I agree with the fact that it’s the job of the company to build him up as part of U-Kiss...since they accepted him into the group in the first place. To “abandon” him like this because they think he’s not up to their standards is too harsh. He never really had many parts at all in songs. I feel really bad for him and pray that this is one opportunity God has for him to have doors open for him for a better future. As for the new member who will join U-Kiss, I hope fans dont hate on him and say it’s him who caused Kibum and Xander to be kicked out. I will still support U-Kiss, though it will never be the same without those two. I still cant understand the thinking of NH entertainment...o0

the agency is so ... ARGH
they sud take the time to perfect them, not throw them away. the show business is really rough. :( kibum! xander! you guys sud debut as a duo! D:<
thanks for sharing tho..... ^^

NH Media is one of the stupidest companies I have ever seen.
Kim Bum may not have sung much....but neither does Kiseop or Dongho.....
and as for Xander, he is like the popular personality of the group and now he’s gone too :(
U-Kiss will never be the same :(
thanks for sharing ^^

i’m still going to hate on NH Media kicking him out of u-kiss
he’ll always be a great singer in my eyes! it was kind of NH Media’s fault because they gave him less lines each time they came back :/
i hope Kibum has great success in the future!
thanks for sharing!

awww....... he good he dont need to replied

i still hate that he has to leave u-kiss!!
he’s always a great singer to me!!

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