We recently shipped off a bunch of prizes from KPOP Idol-Off. Ningin prize winners should be happy to know that their prize is a prize that keeps giving. Reward Points, that is. Simply take a photo of your prize and we’ll give you Reward Points for it.

Then we’ll take your photo and show everyone — just like what these people did here.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Win one of our random giveaways or claim a prize in the Reward Center.
2. Once you receive your prize, take a photo of it and upload it somewhere. (facebook.com, imgur.com, tinypic.com, flickr.com) Be sure to watermark the image with the Ningin logo.
3. Send us the link to your photo via the “Suggest a Link” feature on the right hand side of this post. That’s it!

If we can, we’ll publish the photo in batches for other Ninginers to see and you’ll get 10 RPs!

Of course you don’t have to send us a photo of your prize, but we like to see our users happy and you get RPs!

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cool ;DD i’ll do this if i win something LOL

yayy awesome! i just got my prize so i’ll go take a picture with it (:

Sent mines up! I hope it gets posted. Thank you, Ningin!!

That’s a great idea! Thanks Ningin! :D

That’s so cool! Thanks so much Ningin!!! ^^

cool! thanks Ningin!
i hope i’ll win a prize soon hehe

i already sent mine picture!! hope it’ll get published :D

wow that’s great!
thank you ningin! there’s no other awesome site like you <3

That sounds awesome! I just need to win a prize, first...haha. XD

Thanks ningin.
That’s great.

ooh, thanks for the info! ^^
i hope i win something sometime soon >3<

when my prize comes in the mail, i’ll probably spazz out a little and then take a picture hahhah thanks for telling us jinra!

sherwin - 02/27/11 10:19 am

how to get reward point..i’m a newbie here..

http://ningin.com/rewardcenter/pages:faq/ here you can read the FAQ from the reward center ^^ also if you write a Voices posts and it’s published, you’ll get RPs too, http://blog.ningin.com/2010/12/04/introducing-ningin-voices/
hope this helps!

Alright, that’s great. Now just gotta wait for the day that I actually win something. lol

Will take a photo of the prize I received recently soon! Thanks again Ningin! :D

how to get reward point..i’m a newbie here..

That’s good to know once I win something -_- lol, it’ll happen

Ughh, I need more Rps!
Thanks Ningin! :D

Thanks! I can’t wait till mine gets here :D

Yay! I can’t wait to post mine. Thanks Ningin! wink

thanks!! but i still haven’t won anything :[

thanks for the info Jinra,.
awww,. haven’t won anything until now,. XD

;__; you spoil us ningin~
but first I have to get enough RPs…

haha, I wish I had enough RPs to redeem a prize lol but I’m gonna save first. This is gonna take a while lol

Is it 10RPs per picture of each prize or total?

can we still do it evenif it’s from a while ago?

lol....I couldn’t even get anything...dunno when is my time...T.T

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