Music lovers, it’s time to kick off the brand new week with new Ningin Music Charts submissions! The basic idea behind Ningin Music Charts is to give you guys a system to vote on songs that you like and tally up all the songs at the end of every week. We’ll start the tally for this week in this post and the results will go up next Sunday. Here’s the full details:

Chart Voting Instructions:
-Answer this question via the comments below: Which song should be #1 right now? Make sure to use the “artist - song title” format.
-It could be any song no matter how old, but it has to be an Asian artist (e.g. KPOP, JPOP, CPOP, half-Asians, band with Asian members, etc.)
-Only one song per comment, one comment per day.
-Song title must be translated to English to avoid confusion.
-You can vote for the same song multiple times per week provided you do not vote more than once per day.
If your votes do not follow these instructions exactly, they will be thrown out. Your entries will be hidden so you can’t influence each other’s voting. We’ll reveal the votes at the end of each week.

You will receive EXP points for each vote that you cast.

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed.