Recently, a Korean website held a poll asking people who they thought should be “2011 Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist.” Over 5,000 netizens participated in the event and casted their votes. Coming in first place out of 25 smoking hot celebrities was none other than the man who loves his sparkley track suits, Hyun Bin!

Hyun Bin came out on top due to the immense popularity from his drama, “Secret Garden.” Followed closely behind the Hallyu star was SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, Song Seung Hoon, JYJ’s Jaejoong, and Jung Il Woo.

Check out the full list of rankings:

1. Hyun Bin
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Song Seung Heon
4. Kim Jaejoong
5. Jung il-woo
6. Yoo Ah-In
7. Park Yoochun
8. Lee Seung Gi
9. Lee Min Ho
10. Jang Geun Suk
11. Kim Bum
12. Song Joongki
13. Nickhun
14. Jung Yonghwa
15. Lee Hongki
16. Rain
17. Taecyeon
18. Bae Yong Jun
19. Kwon Sang-woo
20. So Ji-sub
21. Won Bin
22. Yoo Seung Ho
23. No Min Woo
24. Lee Junki
25. Choung Kyung Ho

In my opinion, I think that Jaejoong ought to be at the top of the list, but that’s just my inner fangirl speaking. I’m actually surprised that Jay Park’s name isn’t on the list, who doesn’t love that boy of innocent glamor? And no T.O.P either?

Do you agree with the list or do you think that somebody is missing?


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JaeJoong! Nichkhun! I do agree with the list...some my of my favorite guys! 

i agree a little on the list! but why is there no TOP or Siwon? O.o

wow! i’m surprised I know most of them and they’re my faves XD haha except for one smile I have to agree all of them are so handsome *___*

I am so happy to see a lot of my drama biases and some kpop idols I know up there on the list! smile

<3 Hyunbin!!!!He is one of the most handsome man in this earth!!:D
I agree that Jaejoong should rank higher. Won bin and Bae Yong Joon should also be in the top 10. I’m kinda surprise though that Siwon, Yunho, Changmin, T.O.P, Shinee’s Minho don’t make into this list. But this list are mostly actors, and there’s only 20, Korea has too many handsome guys!!! XD

no suju members? ;D but i still like the list smile

theres no super junior omg how come

Where is T.o.P? or GDragon..but well this is just a poll..
agree with Hyun Bin being the first smile

agree with the list .. <3 Geun Seuk , Hong Ki , kim Bum , Seung Gi .. smile <3

i agree on some, but no super junior?! =/

I definitely agree with #1 & 2....I see some others have moved down the list.  I am sure that is only because they are not in the spotlight right now. I am surprised there is no Jay Park or TOP.

Congrats Hyun Bin.. Nichkhun ans Song Jongki are also in the list, yay!
I guess Siwon is missing in this poll. *Sigh*

well no suju is a disappointment...:(

but look!
3 boys from sungkyunkwan scandal, 3 boys from boys over flower, and the actors from the recent dramas (OMFGGG HYUNBIN and song seong hun <3) is there

so i’m content smile)

Ooh, Jang Geun Suk’s on the list. I’m happy about that, lol. XD

where is my KYU??? hu3...KHJ should be the first!!!

yayy many of my fav k-idols are on the list~ smile
but yeah, it’s hard to decide.. no lee joon or seungho or minhyuk
gasp no onew! or suju! -_-
everyone would think that someone in their opinion is missing

ooh, so many ppl I like are on the list!! Jang Geun Suk, So Ji Sub, Nichkhun, Kim Bum, and of course Hyunbin. But I was hoping some SJ members would make the list

Kim Jae Joong no. 4? lol...not a very reliable poll..the poll should be called Korea’s most popular men of 2011.....with the current name...I think Wonbin oppa should be placed top followed by Hyun Bin

linachieng - 03/01/11 1:01 am

All of them are good looking i can’t decide! :/ I’m surprised i know almost all of then! :O Except 2 or 3

same here, just don’t know 2 of them smile
overall, they are all very handsome and good looking men! 

yay! yonghwa made the list!!! xD

All of them are good looking i can’t decide! :/ I’m surprised i know almost all of then! :O Except 2 or 3

In my opinion… I agree with you, JaeJoong should be #1! XD

what about onew?? haha he should have been on the list

I expected members from Super Junior to be on the list as well.
I felt that Changmin should have made it on to the list too, but thats MY fangirl bias talking.

I’m not a fan of Siwon, but I did expect him to be on the list. or Kibum from Suju. XD

hot hot! haha hyun bin dribbles* did i just miss Taeyang? 

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