- This week’s Facebook Giveaway is DBSK’s Keep Your Head Down album that is seriously not one to miss out on.

- Seems like Apple is playing around with the idea of touch buttons on the lid of future MacBooks.

- CupidsPlay is a new dating site that helps you break the ice by incorporating social gaming as a way to connect.

- The lovable Hello Kitty shows no boundaries in making her appearance on this interesting clothing item for…men.

- Black Swan naps an impressive four awards at the Indie Spirit Awards this weekend.

- A neutral and super quick makeup tutorial for you gals that looks perfect for a clean Spring look.

- Gingerbread has just been confirmed to arrive for these four HTC by the second quarter of the year.

- Namie Amuro and Lil Wayne feature on VERBAL’s latest preview track, “BLACK OUT“, brings us another peek into the upcoming album.

Whew, hope this month doesn’t fly by too quick (so much to do!) - What was the highlight of your day?

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Thanks for the mixr !

Thanks for the mixr!
Highlight of my day: Making a phone out of a French Fry box from McDonalds in Art class XD

thanks for the mixr! the highlight of my day ytd.. prob it getting my marketing quiz back and finding out that i was 1 mark away from perfect -_-

I’m so excited about the touch buttons on the macbooks!
wow congrats to black swan; I still haven’t watched that movie yet xD
thanks for the links.
highlight of my day was not going to korean class because of homework which I barely got done.. but at least I had a relaxing time at home :]

Thanks for the daily mixr!
Well, let’s see my highlight of the day was having a good sleep!

thank you for the daily mixr! my highlight so far..ive been watching that man opposed mv over and over and over again (not just today either lol) ^^ so addicting!!!!!

thanks for the mixr!! my highlight of the day was getting to stay home and watching dream high ^^

Thank you for the mixr!!!
My highlight today was having a speech on stage in my school hall.

Thank you for sharing the daily mixr! I missed out some of these things! Highlight of the day...don’t have one yet. =\

Thanks for the mixr!

Thanks for the mixr!! (:

thanks for the mixr!

cool thanks for the mixr

thanks for the daily mixr :D
my highlight.....was probably knowing I have no school tomorrow lol

Thanks for the Daily Mixr ~
Highlight was probably sleeping in class xD

Thanks for the mixr! ^^ LOL at the Hello Kitty “interesting clothing item”. XD

thanks for the mixr!!

highlight was biting into that chewy chocolate chip cookie smile

thanks for the mixr!

professor let the class out early again.. =D

thanks for the mixr!

the highlight of my day was that i got my chem test back today and even though i didn’t do so hot, i got it over with

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