This was our very first MLG Prize Fight match! We had four different teams playing for four different prizes: SNSD Hoot Album, SHINee Hello Repackaged Album, Big Bang 4th Mini Album, and the 2PM Still 2:00 PM Album. In addition to these four great prizes, the team that wins at the end of the match represents the 3x copies of the prize we’ll be giving away in the future. Let’s find out which team won.

Dynamite Blast
[SNSD Hoot] lytoe - 24620
[SHINee Hello] Leafz - 21520
[Big Bang 4th Mini] swheano - 20690
[2PM Still 2:00 PM] yayitsmercy - 15220
The match was kicked off, and the first thing we saw was the attack of Team SNSD Hoot. lytoe succeeded and was able to stay on top. Her team gained a point, and the score started off with 1-0-0-0.

The Firefly Collector
[SHINee Hello] pika342 - 3000
[2PM Still 2:00 PM] linhbnguyen - 2944
[Big Bang 4th Mini] feezah - 2602
After winning the first game, Team SNSD Hoot disappeared, and this game was taken over by Team SHINee Hello thanks to pika342. The other players weren’t good enough to defeat this player! Team SHINee Hello’s score is increased to 1-1-0.0

Elf Academy Toy Grab
[SNSD Hoot] brettchoi - 1425
[2PM Still 2:00 PM] linhbnguyen - 1292
[SHINee Hello] babybluebonny - 1141
[Big Bang 4th Mini] parkhaeri - 709
After disappearing for one round, Team SNSD Hoot is back, and they (I mean brettchoi) surpassed everyone with their unbeatable score. I don’t think they are going to disappear again at this rate! The current score is 2-1-0-0.

Body Invaders
[SNSD Hoot] lytoe - 166800
[SHINee Hello] sunflowery - 158600
[2PM Still 2:00 PM] Rosey - 149500
[Big Bang 4th Mini] chocolatecream - 149400
Yep they are back for good because Team SNSD Hoot’s lytoe has dominated the yet again. Everyone else needs to improve if they want to get what they want! The gap is starting to get bigger with the following score: 3-1-0-0.

Hot Air Bloon
[SNSD Hoot] wthahalolz - 1128
[Big Bang 4th Mini] LISARRHH - 1082
[SHINee Hello] Leafz - 744
Another victory by Team SNSD Hoot, and we are not surprised at all! This time, fellow member wthahalolz brought home some bacon and beat even a good player like Team Big Bang 4th Mini’s LISARRHH. Is their victory assured? We’ll have to wait a bit more, but the score is currently 4-1-0-0.

Blitz Bombz
[2PM Still 2:00 PM] yayitsmercy - 240520
[Big Bang 4th Mini] Niecydc - 203420
[SNSD Hoot] Anpanzu - 116240
[SHINee Hello] Jjamjjoo - 107340
After having a winning streak for a long time, Team SNSD Hoot stepped back for a bit, so Team 2PM Still 2:00 PM’s yayitsmercy was able to take over the first place, followed by Big Bang 4th Mini’s Niecydc. The question to ask right now is… will this last? Team Big Bang 4th Mini has yet to score a point. Time to step up their game! Team SNSD Hoot is still leading the match with 4-1-1-0.

Accumentry (Tiebreaker)
[SNSD Hoot] brettchoi - 10
[2PM Still 2:00 PM] yayitsmercy - 14
[SHINee Hello] eggy_O - 16
[Big Bang 4th Mini] swheano - 22
Finally, the last game was completely taken over by Team SNSD Hoot’s brettchoi who is quite well known to be good at this game, so it was no surprise to see his name at first place. Therefore, Team SNSD Hoot wins the match with the final score being 5-1-1-0!

Team SNSD Hoot will see 3x copies of their album be given out in a future Ningin giveaway.

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed.

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Yay! Team SNSD Hoot won! Good job guys! XD

i hope ill win

yeayy~~ 3 copies ?? woww XD want it !!


Congrats to all players!

Team SNSD jjang!

When I saw lytoe playing, I was confident. lol.

Congratulation team snsd! smile

congrats to team snsd!

Team SNSD is so good in the games smile

congratulations team snsd

Congrats team SNSD smile

Congrats Team SNSD. :D



congrats Team SNSD~!

congrats team Snsd.

good job team SNSD hoot! we made it eventho our team is small..n i contributed a little only =P

Congrats team Snsd

congrats team snsd~

Congrats Team SNSD!

Good job team snsd!

woot woot! SNSD!

congrats team snsd! wink

wow lol :D congratz(: 

Congrats to Team SNSD HOOT, they did a great job in keeping the high scores.

Yey! congratulations to all those who played for SNSD! smile

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