Uchiha Sasuke has finally found where Danzo is and is prepared to do whatever he can to kill him, but can he do so without having the other kage get in the way? (Warning: Potential Spoiler Alert!)

The episode starts off with Killer Bee coming out of a tentacle because of the plan that saved his life last minute. He loves the fact on how he now has freedom to do whatever he wants without having to be a weapon for the Cloud Ninja and how he’s free from his brother-the Raikage’s watch.

The scene changes back to Sasuke after just announcing his ultimate defense Susanoo. He proceeds to use the Susanoo to knock out all the pillars and have the ceiling collapse on top of the Raikage, Sand Ninja, Cloud Ninja, and even Jugo and Suigetsu! Before Karin gets lost in the rumble though, he knocks her out of the falling rocks and orders her to lead him to Danzo. They make their escape while the other samurai and ninja try to free themselves out of the rubble.

We next see Naruto protesting against Kakashi and Yamato about how Madara Uchiha’s story seems too fake and he cannot believe what Sasuke has grown into. Kakashi advises him to take no word of Madara Uchiha’s story.

Sasuke has finally penetrated the meeting room of the kage and surprises them by being upside down on the ceiling. The mediator is the first to take an aim at Sasuke using his blade to try and attack him but Sasuke defects it by using a chakra-infused sword. While this is happening, Danzo escapes which makes Ao go after him. Sasuke proceeds to go after Danzo, but it stopped by a huge wall of lava from the Mizukage-one of her kekkei genkai.

She proceeds to tell him about how such fine men as him go to a waste and how she should give him a kiss that will make him melt. Karin misinterprets this and calls her an old hag, which makes the Mizukage infuriated. She proceeds to shoot another wall of lava at Sasuke, who defects it with Susanoo. Chojuro uses his huge sword to try and harm Sasuke, which only makes him go through the lava wall and into the hall. Lazy Mizukage quickly goes around and seals the other end of the hall so that they can fight uninterrupted. She then proceeds to use an attack that uses acid rain to melt their victim, surprisingly enough, it even goes through Susanoo. With this attack, Sasuke’s chakra starts to weaken and is about to fail, until Zetsu’s spores start leaching onto everyone that was initially in the kage meeting room, transferring all their chakra to Sasuke.

The Tsuchikage, having escaped from the white spores of Zetsu unleashes his Atomic Dismantling Jutsu at Sasuke. At first, everyone in the room, including Karin thought that Sasuke was reduced to an atom, which leads to the Raikage, who has just gotten back into the room to start a fuss with the Tsuchikage. Their argument however, is interrupted when Madara Uchiha shows up carrying Sasuke over his shoulder. He then decides to let them in on his plan: Moon’s Eye Plan.

It seems like Madara always has something up his sleeve, his Moon’s Eye Plan seems mysteriously deceiving right now. I still wonder how he manages to magically appear out of no where when no one else seems to be able to do so.

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so much in one ep...thanks for the update! :D

woaah, interesting
thanks for the highlights and thoughts ^^

Thank you for sharing the highlights and your thoughts! I haven’t been watching Naruto!! 

thanks for the highlights! not a fan of Naruto

Interesting episode.
Thanks for sharing Sandy!

thx for the highlights and thoughts!!

because mandara ish a beastly ninja, thats why XD lol~ thanks for the highlights and thoughts!!

LOL at karin’s statement.. xD
I like this episode (:

that might be a good hint at how i should start reading naruto ><!!! haha it seems so excting all the time

dayumm when is a one piece high light gonna come out LOL

thanks for the highlights and thoughts :D!

Aaahhh~ i love watching Naruto :D
thnx for sharing (:

Wow, the detail...man, thanks for the awesome thoughts and highlights! I guess Madara is related to Sasuke? (hasn’t read/watched the series XD)

thanks for all the thoughts! ^^
you are really detailed LOL

thanks for the highlights and thoughts!

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