We recently asked you if you would friend, date or marry Kim Heechul. The majority of you would want to friend Kim Heechul! Today’s celeb crush is Wu Zun. He is known best for being part of the Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit, with Jiro, Aaron and Calvin. Besides being a singer, Wu Zun is also an actor, and he was previously a model and gym instructor. Did you know Wu Zun’s real name is Goh Kiat Chun? To clarify his current situation: Wu Zun’s contract with agency HIM has expired, but his manager has declared that the four will remain together. Wu Zun is NOT going solo, like many rumors have assumed. He just wants to be able to spend more time with friends and family (aka tone things down in his life a little and catch up on his personal life). Let’s continue to wish Wu Zun and Fahrenheit a happy and successful career!

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