Sugar highs don’t last forever and neither does the third testing of Mixr Legions. Three tests, three wins under the generalship of lytoe, as her Team Chocopie once again wins it all! Team Chocopie didn’t just win this, they won by a score difference of about 800 points over second place Team Pocky. Lucky Candy made a run at second and if given more time, might have taken it. Black Black was the 4th place finisher and narrowly missed out on 3rd. They finish with about a 30 point differential. Team Pepero finished 5th and the last team to secure Reward Points but even more narrowly beat out Team Hello Panda by 24 points. I did not expect the conclusion to be this close. I’m sure if another day was added to this session, Hello Panda would of been in the top 5. Well, c’est la vie. Final standings:

Chocopie - 1937
Pocky - 1175
Lucky Candy - 1121
Black Black - 1093
Pepero - 742
Hello Panda - 718
Sky Flakes - 454
Yan Yan - 413
Hi-Chew - 388
Chippy - 340
Milk Candy - 57

I think most of the teams were too passive in the first half of this test. Either that or they procrastinated till the last weekend to try and attack and win Territories. With this and past sessions, it seem that teams that dominate early also finish high in the standings. Something to keep in mind for future sessions.

The following prizes will be given out:
Team Chocopie - 250 Reward Points, 500 for General Lytoe, thienthanxanh_310
Team Pocky - 125 Reward Points, 250 for General yayitsmercy, SarangAnnyeo
Team Lucky Candy - 50 Reward Points, 100 for General mscoolicemui, nuhaaizanni
Team Black Black - 50 Reward Points, 100 for General brettchoi, LISARRHH
Team Pepero - 50 Reward Points, 100 for General doctorwho, kpoplover1215,

Note: in order to receive points, you needed to have scored at least 25 points for your team. This is meant so that inactive team members do not benefit from the hard work of others.

You can sign up for the next Legions match now. Test #4 should begin next Wednesday unless something comes up.

If you’re new to Ningin and don’t know what Legions is, this link to the instructions should help a lot.