And the teasing never stops! Having released a music video teaser for their newest single, “Bangkok City,” Orange Caramel has released the audio for the song! With the release of this new song, we can see that Orange Caramel has left bubbly, fairytale image of “A~ing♡” behind for a funkier one.

An official from Pledis Entertainment has revealed that Orange Caramel’s latest single is following the theme of Asian cities, part of the project “One of Asia.” They also stated that, “On March 31st, ‘Bangkok City’ will be revealed at midnight on various music sites.” Orange Caramel will begin their promotions on April 1st, hopefully it’s not an April Fool’s joke!

Check it out below:

It’s official: I’m addicted to the song. I can’t stop replaying it, Orange Caramel never fails to impress. I’m absolutely loving the funky club beat of the song, it’s refreshing after hearing all the cutesy bubblegum pop songs the trio usually sings. After hearing the song, I can’t wait for the full music video to come out and see the choreography!

What do you think of Orange Caramel’s new sound?