We all saw this one coming. Super Junior’s dancing machine Eunhyuk revealed that he will temporarily be leaving his post at “Strong Heart” during the show’s March 29th airing. Leaving was inevitable as Eunhyuk has to travel to China and Taiwan for Super Junior-M’s promotions of their new album, “Too Perfect.”

During the broadcast, Eunhyuk said, “Although it’s short-term, I will successfully complete my overseas activities and return.” He, Leeteuk, and Shindong are known for their ‘Teuk Academy Segment” on the popular show. They never fail to garner laughs from everybody, so it’s said to see him leave, even if it is only temporary. As a special goodbye gift, the crew members gave Eunhyuk a golden xylophone, causing everybody on set to laugh.

Besides talking about this, he also discussed lighter topics, like how the members of Super Junior were ranked in a country. Faces full of aegyo like Sungmin and Leeteuk’s are popular in Japan, while Siwon and Heechul’s handsome looks are popular in China. Eunhyuk said that in countries like Thailand and Malaysia, friendly personalities like his connect well with the audience.

Although “Strong Heart” won’t be the same without Eunhyuk, I wish him the best of luck to him and the rest of Super Junior-M!


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wish him good luck!! im going to miss on strong heart!! thx for sharing

i wish him good luck on his promotions. ill miss him on strong heart. 

the new member for SJM, kinda busy huh~ he leaves foresight, radio station, now strong heart to join them in Taiwan.. Good luck eunhyuk!^^

oh,that’s why.good luck to suju-m(i miss the originaly suju-m)
i will surely miss his segment with shindong and leetuek.


Aww.. Good luck on their promotions.. smile

he’s going to be missed! hope he returns soon :D

I’ll miss you on Teuk Academy! <3 I hope another member subs you for awhile~ ^^

Be back As soon as possible Eunhyuk! <3

i’ll miss him! return soon :D

..i’ll miss him.. i hope he’ll return soon smile


i guess this is a bad AND good thing
that means i’ll be seeing him during their activities in china!! WHICH IS GOOD CUZ THEN I’LL UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY’RE SAYING LOLLL

as for teukigayo...i’m sure teuki and shindong can handle it ^^
hehe thanks for sharing =)!~

wish he all the best with the promotions & hope he’ll return soon :D

Awman! D: Teuk Acadamy without Hyuk? DX
But the golden xylophone gift was hilarious. XD So ironic. XD
I want one though. The sound it makes is just E P I C. [reminds me of airport PA announcements. Especially Chinese airport’s PA announcments]

I just wish him well and the rest of SJM while promoting in China! I will miss him in strong heart!! Good luck! 

I hope he has fun with SJM smile

aww i’ll miss him in Strong Heart!
i’ll wait for his return :D

lol Yeah, Malaysia loves you so much, Eunhyuk. XD

Good luck to him with his Super Junior M promotions. Just have to wait until he returns to Strong Heart. He is really funny!

thanks for sharing x

it’s for a good cause so it’ll be ok..^^
and yeah we Malaysians love you!!

Yup yup eunhyuk in Taiwan with suju m and still not used to the food lolol XD I continue to wish them good luck in their promotions! Thanks for sharing! Yeah I miss him on strong heart already haha XD

Good luck to him! Can’t wait til he’s back though, Strong Heart won’t be the same without him. ;-;

I prefer them to concentrate on singing korean songs..not a fan of their chinese songs

For a minute there, I thought it was like his departure from Star King and Dream Team: kinda permanent. But thank goodness it’s only temporary because of overseas promotions. Eunhyuk! You better come back on Strong Heart soon! I already miss watching you on variety shows. Haha. XD

Nooo he’s so funny ;(

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