We all saw this one coming. Super Junior’s dancing machine Eunhyuk revealed that he will temporarily be leaving his post at “Strong Heart” during the show’s March 29th airing. Leaving was inevitable as Eunhyuk has to travel to China and Taiwan for Super Junior-M’s promotions of their new album, “Too Perfect.”

During the broadcast, Eunhyuk said, “Although it’s short-term, I will successfully complete my overseas activities and return.” He, Leeteuk, and Shindong are known for their ‘Teuk Academy Segment” on the popular show. They never fail to garner laughs from everybody, so it’s said to see him leave, even if it is only temporary. As a special goodbye gift, the crew members gave Eunhyuk a golden xylophone, causing everybody on set to laugh.

Besides talking about this, he also discussed lighter topics, like how the members of Super Junior were ranked in a country. Faces full of aegyo like Sungmin and Leeteuk’s are popular in Japan, while Siwon and Heechul’s handsome looks are popular in China. Eunhyuk said that in countries like Thailand and Malaysia, friendly personalities like his connect well with the audience.

Although “Strong Heart” won’t be the same without Eunhyuk, I wish him the best of luck to him and the rest of Super Junior-M!