The Boss finally debuts a Japanese single titled Love Power. It is not suppose to be reveal until April 13th, but the group gave their fans a peep of the new track on “Made in BS Japan” recordings. Their Love Power music video was showed and it included behind-the-scenes of making the music video. The full making of the Love Power will be shown on April 11th on DATV.

The music video features the group with classmates running around the hallways, dancing, and having fun together. The colorful clothes make the surroundings a cheerful feel of the song. Injun has a new hair style in this MV. He put his hair in one side and his hair is curly.

The other song that was revealed on the single is “奪いたい今すぐに” on the previous a “Made in BS Japan” episode.

What do you think of their song? Do you like it?

Check the MV below. The music video starts at about 4:10.