We offered a Dream High OST Album as part of yesterday’s Great F’ing Giveaway, you were asked what your favourite song on the album was…

My favorite song is 사랑하면 안될까 by Changmin and Jinwooon.
The song is very nice. Also since Changmin and Jinwoon is good at singing so their voice matches with the song. their voice is soft.
i just have to love it.
I LOVE JINWOON <3 2AM!-uuuyums97

Of course my favorite song would be “Dream High” lol I mean, they’re named after each other and it’s played so often that it gets stuck in my head everytime I watch it because “Dream High” is so beautiful. Not a bad thing at all since I totally LOVE the drama :D-GuessHu

Does the Genie cover count? If it does that was undoubtably the higlight of the entire series actually. It was so cute and funny and sweet. They gained so much from it, Hyemi kind of learned the entire meaning of singing in one performance. I know it was just acting but they seemed like they got some real benefit from it aswell, just because of what it stood for.-KoveYouDarlie

I have to say my favorite is “Dream High”. It just gives you one of those inspirational feelings, not just to watch more episodes, but to go out there and strive toward your dreams! <–that sounded a bit cheesy, but these songs can do that to me XD Plus, it’s just an epic song in general, because it features the cast and is named after the drama and is the theme song = epic! Whenever I hear it, I feel more spirited and lifted up than I was before! Thanks Ningin for this giveaway~-Allichan93

okay this question is so hard because every song was awesome…
but i really like the theme song: “DREAM HIGH” the most…cause every major character is singing and it has a nice beat to follow to!!!
i also like the songs my valentine by nichkhun and taecyeon cause these two usually never “sing” like an R&B;type of song at least taec never does he usually gets laughed at on like shows like idol army…but he proved to everyone that he has a nice voice…IU’s Someday is a great song to wake up to…cause it’s so soothing…and sweet! overall this whole ost album sounds awesomeee!!! ^_^-xgzdiana

my favorite dream high song is its theme “dream high.” so many people sing in it and they all have amazing voices :] listening to it makes me so nostalgic for the days of dream high again haha. the whole mood of the song is really uplifting and hopeful and it just makes me wanna go out into the world and do great things! ^^-randomkpoplover

I loveee Someday by IU. Her voice is fantastic, i’ve always been a fan of her and i’m so happy that she’s getting a lot more recognition. :D If anyone hasn’t listened to any of IU’s song, I suggest it! Her voice is gorgeous :D She’s super talented for such a young girl. ^^
Thanks for doing these giveaways! :D-Cutiekatluv

My fav song is definitely My Valentine by Nichkhun and Taecyeon because I just think they’re vocals are really nice and the melody just sounds so smooth & my second fav is Dream High because I just feel that the song is quite powerful and everyone’s vocals just sound so nice together… I also really liked Suzy’s Only Hope cover but unfortunately I don’t think that it’s featured on the album ^.^ ♥~~~-nedanole

My favorite song is Someday because
1) The lyrics are so meaningful
2) JYP is a great composer
3) IU’s voice match very well with the song and the guitare. Her voice is very fresh and mature at the same time
4) The instrumental is simply beautiful for someone who loves the guitar like me.-lanas70

My favorite is Goose’s Dream. It was the song that was sand by Baek Hee and Hye Mi at their audition
And I like how Hye Mi sang it with no expression when the class was trying to put expression in and how she sang it for Baek Hee while Baek Hee was going to the police LOL-regine22joy

i like dream high song ,..i loved it when they all performed it in Japan on the other japanese band’s mini concert ,.they were awesome ,.and the violin remix of the song was unbelievable .. i was only missing Jason and pilsuk and it would be the most perfect performance -Rosey

Dream high is my favourite!!!! The song is really addicting. The rapping is great in this song. And the chorus ‘ I dream high ‘ ‘ I can fly high’ encourages me a lot and makes me feel like AH, I CAN DO IT!!! I CAN FLY HIGH!!!:D-jeannette123123

IU’s Someday! It is such a nice sweet song with some kind of “light” feeling which suits me perfectly! Although IU’s ‘Dream High’ OST ‘Someday’ was similar to Ash’s ‘To My Man’, released in 2005, I still think that IU’s singing is far better. Hence, ‘Someday’ sang by our cute Pil-sook (IU) is my favorite Dream High OST song forever!-Kelly1349

i think my favourite will be Winter Child by Suzy. Reason being when she sang the song, i could just feel the emotions in it. And frankly speaking, the Happy Birthday portion kicked it off! haha..the power of Suzy’s voice just stood out so much and that drew me into that song =)-jopm93

Actually, all of the songs are my favorites :D I have all the songs on my phone and when I feel I need to be encouraged, I listen to Dream High. When I want to listen to something with a nice beat, I listen to “Don’t Leave” by Junsu featuring that other artist(I forgot her name x.x). Sometimes I just play the songs by random but I really love to sing “Goose’s Dream” by Insooni. Every time I hear a song from Dream High, I can’t help but sing a long because I’ve already memorized all the lyrics to every song! :D-foolishmia

Dreaming by Kim Soo Hyun! This pop ballad successfully brings out ‘Sam Dong’s innocent charms and passion for music through the powerful orchestra and stirring lyrics. Also, I am thoroughly touched by Kim Soo Hyun performance for “Dreaming“ on “M! Countdown“! He’s a great singer and actor and is thankful towards his supporters and so Dreaming sang by him is my favorite Dream High OST song!-Kpopluver123

Definitely my favorite song was My Valentine. I mean, both Nichkhun’s and Taecyeon’s voices melted and meshed well together. It’s a really sweet, happy song and I’m totally weak to those songs. But I also liked Kim Soo Hyun’s Dreaming. Definitely sung well for someone who hasn’t really had much vocal training. :D-bobamochi

My favorite Dream High OST song is Maybe by Sunye! I think it’s a catchy song and it relates the love story between Hyemi and Sam Dong. Hyemi seems to be a cold-hearted girl initially and does not feel anything for Sam Dong but falls in love with him at the ending part of the drama just like what the lyrics says, “My cold heart….suddenly a little bit seems melted when you come to me”. Also, around episodes 15 and 16 of the drama, Hyemi starts to fall in love with Sam Dong unknowingly just like “Closed each other, So I didn’t know Baby I’m in love with you”. Hence, since I like SamMi couple, I falls in love with this lovely song too! -Kissana

My favorite song from Dream High is definitely Only Hope performed by Suzy. She really amazed me with how purely and beautifully she covered the song. I’ve never though Suzy had such an angelic voice. It’s like I immediately fell in love with her after hearing it!!!-fluffysheep159

I love all the songs in this drama, but these 2, “Dreaming” and “Maybe” have catch my attention the most. With Maybe by Sunye, no need to talk about the singer She has such a great voice. The lyric and the melody are also good too. The other songs, Dreaming by Kim Soo Hyun, the rockie singer, or i can say, another Korean Hallyu star. He is not a professional singer, but when i first listen to his song, i realized that he has such a warm voice. Although he cannot reach the high note perfectly like other singer in this drama, of course, cuz they are singers, but with the rockie singer like him, that voice is perfect. The lyric is also very meaningful.-mandy

Ahh I love drama OST music~ Okay, so I have a weird obsession with songs that make me cry…XD That being said, my favorite from Dream High would be “Dreaming” by Kim Soo Hyun (gaaawd he’s HOT XD). When I first heard that song, especially when it got to the chorus, I tried to wipe away the tears which started to form in my eyes, but they really wouldn’t stop!! (I didn’t even understand the words being sung! The emotion portrayed was so strong by itself!) My tears just kept flowing down to the point I started to hiccup and choke a little. Then, right at that moment, my mom called me downstairs to eat dinner and I showed up looking like I had just broken up with a boyfriend lol. So embarrassing. But yes, I LOVE this song SO much! I finally looked up the lyrics after that night lol. They are sad yet hopeful. I still tear up whenever I hear it, because when we put our minds to it, we each have our own dream as well, and shouldnt give up. <3 Thanks Ningin!-SarangAnnyeo

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thx for the entries!!

thanks for sharing the entries^^

Thanks for sharing! :D

hehe great to see so many ppl saying SOMEDAY cuz i simply CANNOT AGREE EVEN MOREEE ^^

i love IU and dream high <3!!!

thanks for sharing the entries :D!

thanks for sharing the entries :D

Nice entries. :]
When do we find out who won stuff from the giveaway? D:

WOW So many comments, the ost go along with the drama well and is very beautiful, so it’s normal that there are a lot of differents opinions and I agree with KoveYouDarlie for the Genie Cover.
And for the person who didn’t watch the drama, go watch it Right N.O.W !!

And thanks Ningin for posting my comment and the other comments ^^

hehes thanks for finally posting my comment...i feel special now!!!
thank you ningin<3!!! smile

so many nice comments..enjoy reading them

I still need to watch the series XD I love the OST (and I spoiled myself silly with the summaries XD)

Nice comments, i love dream high <3

Nice comments!!!
Dream high ost is indeed nice!!! Thanks for sharing~

hehe ^^;
thanks for sharing, everyone! love how there are so many different favorites!! :D

Thanks for sharing the entries. I get to check out the other songs now from this ost.

Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing these!

great answers there.. smile

thank you for sharing the entries!! so much dream high love =w=

Thank you for sharing the entries! I love to read these! So many different choices and opinions!! 

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